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  1. S

    Market/economic news newsletter

    Hi Guys, Initially had a look around for a similar thread but was unable to find one, so posting up my request. I'm essentially looking for a daily newsletter or report that provides some really solid Aussie market and economic news and insights. Ideally it will also discuss insights into...
  2. M

    Future Money Trends

    Has anyone heard of the future money trends newsletter? they seem to get most predictions right but im an inexperienced invester so I was wondering if anyone else has some opinions on it...
  3. B

    Trident Confidential Newsletter

    I have read recently quite an interesting article written by Lance Spicer. He is involved with Trident Confidential Newsletter and is obviously very successful in advising his clients what and when to buy stocks. Would anybody be subscribed to his newsletter, and care to share either bad or good...
  4. MrBurns

    Eureka Report

    Anyone subscribe ? I'm about to dump it, all I got was a load af bum steers from Charlie Aitken, didn't lose money, tested them in watchlists and all were disastrous.
  5. A

    Which investment newsletter is good?

    Hi there, I was looking at couple of investment newsletter to assist with my investment decision. I have tried trial with Huntley and Fat Prophet to see how their advice pan out from the beginning of 2007 to now. Seems like none has passed the 'bear market' test. Most of their recommendation...
  6. Julia

    "The Intelligent Investor"

    Have any members used this publication? If so, how relevant have their suggestions been? The current issue is mostly "Sell" recommendations. Julia