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  1. SirRumpole

    Coronavirus vaccine news

    I thought a separate thread for vaccine developments may be appropriate.
  2. SirRumpole

    Is there any good news today?

    Good news is hard to find, but you have to start somewhere. The "admitted" infection rates in China seems to be slowing so there may be a chance of an economic pickup there.
  3. Ann

    International Business News

    How a Lone Norwegian Trader Shook the World’s Financial System On a breezy day in September, an ominous text message appeared on Fredrik Ekstrom’s phone: Go immediately to the war room. Mr. Ekstrom is chairman of Nasdaq Clearing, an outpost of the American stock exchange company in Stockholm...
  4. History Repeats

    News impact

    NK bomb testing. Who has position carrying through the weekend? i got e/u should be fun on Monday lol. On another front, g/u bullish to me despite majority bearish on the pound.
  5. basilio

    Fake news and its effect on the community

    The internet allows anyone and everyone to have their say. It also allows anyone to say almost anything they want with little fear of consequence. For a long time now it has become clear that a number of people are just making up stuff to trash people, organisations or ideas they want to...
  6. S

    Market/economic news newsletter

    Hi Guys, Initially had a look around for a similar thread but was unable to find one, so posting up my request. I'm essentially looking for a daily newsletter or report that provides some really solid Aussie market and economic news and insights. Ideally it will also discuss insights into...
  7. Tisme


    I don't know where to post this given the content, but I was very impressed: Caution bad language
  8. skc

    Live Wire News and Feeds

    Thought I would share this useful market and stock news aggregator I found recently called Live Wire. It's free to sign up and contains a good range of analysis and commentaries.
  9. U

    Trading the News? Is it possible to be profitable?

    As per the title! A pretty noob trader looking for people to share tips and or tricks or advice against trading the news. I'm preparing for the backlash as it seems this has a negative connotation here; please, keep it productive though. I have been trying to trade the news recently with...
  10. S

    Share price response to news

    Hey guys, For some of the investors who've witnessed plenty of obscene share price reactions to news I just wanted to get some thoughts. Recently, a stock called FAR exploded in response to oil being found off the coast of Senegal. With news announcements that big, would you generally...
  11. B

    Australian stock market news

    hi guys, was wondering if anyone could tell me what business or website has the latest aussie stock market news? doesn't matter if the subscriptions are pricey. Have been subscribed to the financial review but dont find it very useful
  12. T

    Oil and Gas news resources

    Can anyone recommend any oil and gas news websites? Thanks.
  13. S

    Use of reading market news if you day trade?

    I hear alot of day traders saying that they care little for what is happening on the market (i.e. they only care about the incremental blips and changes in their candlestick charts etc.) I'm starting to agree with them. What good is reading market news when you're trading on 1/10/15 minute...
  14. doctorj

    How do you feel about the financial news?

    I'm interested in how people feel about the financial information they consume. It'd be good if people could take the time to answer the quick poll and if they feel comfortable, share what news sources they use and what gaps exist.
  15. T

    A good up-to-the-minute financial/market news site?

    Anyone have a recommendation to a financial market news website Australian or American, that is updated minute by minute? It doesn't have to be free. Like today at 3.20 pm US ET the stocks began a reversal of 3% in 40 minutes and all the news websites (Market Watch,Yahoo Finance) I looked at...
  16. tollbridge

    So Much Information, So Little Time: How to Simplify News?

    Hello Fellow Traders Each morning over a cup of coffee I've got Sky News Business blaring on the TV, the AFR & Australian Newspaper (with online WSJ) on my computer, broker reports, daily email summaries and other financial news that in all honesty would take a week to read in full. I find...
  17. C

    Trading on market news and economic data?

    Hi this is my 1st post. I am a beginner and havent traded any $ as yet due to lack of funds and dont want to begin until i have at least 10000. However i have been reading for about 18 months. I have flogged the asx site and read books from Alan Hull and Martin Roth and a few on technical...
  18. aaronphetamine

    7News Macquarie Bank Market Update Trader looking at pr0n

    So i got told about this the afternoon by someone. this afternoon on the 7news market update, in the background you can see a trader flicking between his charts and pr0n and then right at the end he looks around and realises that he has just lost his job lol.
  19. Timmy

    Investment/Finance/Economics breaking news

    Seems there is a 'breaking news' thread in the general chat section, but none here. Thoughts on what we would like to see in this thread welcome, I would prefer 'news' and not overt op-ed pieces (sometimes hard to separate the two). Here is post #1 to kick off, from the Financial Times this...
  20. noirua

    ****ASF Breaking News****

    A bomb attack has hit the Marriott Hotel in the Pakistani capital, Islamabad, killing at least 31 people. A blast created a 6 meter deep crater, and destroyed the entire front of the hotel. A lorry approached the hotel and a blast occurred in a suspected suicide attack.