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  1. J

    Another newbie

    Hi All. Looking forward to this new journey. I'm 58 soon and have bugger all super. It isn't going to reward me well, my pension 'non entitlement' will be partial as the wife will still be earning after i get to retire. I don't have enough time to long term for a return in decades like the she...
  2. Gokusuperme

    Mentor for newbie?

    Hey guys, I'm currently learning not rushing through a course while I know I will be sitting on a demo account for long time. Who here has a mentor to help or someone to practice with??
  3. S

    Amibroker Newbie

    Hi All, I am trying to return a list of stocks where the price has increased 500% since 2014. So I am thinking of the below...but to be honest have no idea if I am even close to the right approach...I have an array "fivetimes" and trying to get count of bars since the price was 5 times...
  4. T

    Best broker for newbie day traders of the ASX?

    Any recommendations for brokers for day trading on th ASX? Who do you use and what are their pros and cons? Low fees are obviously a plus but transaction speed must also be good. Cheers
  5. Bendonovan

    Newby with lots of cash

    firstly, sorry if my title comes across as bigheaded. I just thought it would get straight to the point. If it helps I am a voluntary charity worker for most of my working week. So.....I have recently run into a heap of money via inheritance. A million dollars roughly. I’m 35 years of age...
  6. bellenuit

    Newbie going further into Options

    I have dipped my toes in the water with options trading by selling covered calls in Apple (AAPL) through Interactive Brokers over the last few months. I am now looking at advancing my trading by hopefully using options to make some additional money from a sell/buy of the same stock. Without...
  7. J

    Advice for a newbie

    Hi guys, I have a few questions that I need some answers too. a) I’m worried that I’ll sign up to a dodgy website, what are some safe websites that I can use to invest in currencies, shares and commodities? Which is also connected to multiple stoke markets around the world. Ideally, I am...
  8. D

    New to investing/trading - don't know where to begin

    Hi there! I'm recently discovered about investing/trading from stumbling on 'RichDad/PoorDad' book at the library. I've been researching on how it works and such because: I'm a 37yr old hairdresser of $40k single income with a disabled partner (very labour intensive job - try cutting hair...
  9. NewbieTrader1982

    Serious newbie wanting to learn

    Over the past 8 years or so I have been involved in property investment, mostly property development and have done very well for myself, turning 500k into about 10mil net worth and continue to develop real estate in Australia. I am in a position now (having 2 project managers help has freed much...
  10. D

    Newbie looking to trade US stocks and US oil

    hi traders, im wondering how i would get into the US market of trading? i'm looking at short-medium term trading and i dont want to take the comsec/ local bank route of US trading as i want to own the stock and being a commercial bank trading fees would be high. im after an online US...
  11. S

    Newbie pregnant single mum, looking for advice

    Hi, I'm 33 with a 15 month old baby and another one due in 3 months. Hubby has done a runner. I have a mortgage and $50,000 of personal loan/car loan/credit card debt to take care of now. I work part time and get Centrelink and sometimes hubby pays his $100/wk Child Support. Sob story over. I...
  12. J

    Some questions from a newbie taking his first steps

    Hi All, Been trawling through the forum for the last few weeks. My head is spinning. There a lot to take on, this forum is such a huge resource of information. Anyway, I am a 45 y/old who's been mainly investing in Real Estate and I am looking taking a more active roll in my...
  13. T

    Keen newbie trading covered calls

    Hi Everyone, Pretty glad I found this forum. I'm currently trading short on covered calls on the ASX only. Managing 2-3% Per month on my equity. I would like to up the anti and hop over to the US market. I just signed up with Interactive brokers. Is there anyone here that is...
  14. P

    New teenager to the investment market needs help!

    Hi everybody, I am new to this forum so please let me know if I'm in the wrong place :) I am a 15 year old student I have recently acquired a new passion in investment and money making. I have done some research on how to invest on ASX and am currently reading some books. "How to win...
  15. CanOz

    Great blog for those starting out in technical analysis

    Check out Adams blog and podcasts for a very practical learning experience from a very talented individual.....
  16. thePunter

    Recommend good brokerages for a newbie in Australia

    Mods: I searched for similar thread and couldn't find it:( and hence creating a new one. In case if its a repeat please merge it into the respective thread. Thanks. Hello peepz, A migrant here, recently relocated to Melbourne from Singapore. I have been extensively trading futures and...
  17. M

    Capital gains tax for a newbie

    Hello, Question on tax, if I purchase shares for $500 and decide I want out and then sell it for $500 (breaking even) do I need to pay tax? Also if I buy shares for $500 and my portfolio goes up to $1000 and I decide to sell half to free carry do I pay tax on that even though im selling...
  18. S

    Newbie, just sold CBA shares - have I made a mistake?!

    Hi all, I am an ex CBA employee and was allocated a total of 96 shares in the 3 yrs that I worked with them, which I held onto for the past 10 yrs, totally oblivious to what they were, how much they were worth, etc... Every 6 months, I was receiving an extra amount into my account (dividends)...
  19. J

    My First Ever Trading Strategy

    Hey ASF!! I'm a newbie to the market, have been reading up and researching for about a month now and have had a crack over the last two days at a trading strategy and back-testing it for the ASX share market as a mid term strategy (about 1-2 month holds) If i ever implemented this...
  20. Modest

    Leverage and losses question (newb)

    Opened up a demo account with Pepperstone using their cTrader software this week. I love the platform. Excuse my arrogance but I having trouble understanding how brokers will give _anyone_ $100,000 to play with so long as they deposit $1,000... My n00b questions: What if a trader (with...