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  1. T

    EW - East West Petroleum Corporation

    East West Petroleum Q3 Results Released November 30th 2020. Information below can be found on Sedar. Symbols: EW(Canada) & EWPMF(USA) Prices: $0.045CAD & $0.03USD Common Shares: 89,585,665 Website: Financial Results, Ending September 30th 2020 - keeping in mind that...
  2. Garpal Gumnut

    New Zealand a Failed State and a Rogue State to the rest of the World

    I thought it timely to post this thread as we Australians begin to lift coronavirus restrictions and following the recent attempt by the Prime Minister of New Zealand to weasel their way in to our recovery in Australia. Her visit here to National cabinet is an obvious ploy to beg for admission...
  3. Logique

    NZ - New Venezuela in the South Pacific

    May I suggest a General Chat thread for New Zealand, if Joe agrees. NZ politics is going to provide endless theatre in years to come, some of it a 'Greek Tragedy'. Get ready Bondi Beach, the cross-ditch flow may be about to reverse.
  4. System

    NZK - New Zealand King Salmon Investments

    New Zealand King Salmon is the world's largest aquaculture producer of the King salmon species, accounting for more than 50% of global aquaculture production. King salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) is a Pacific salmon species, comprising only 0.7% of total global salmon aquaculture production...
  5. Garpal Gumnut

    Support Helen Clark former NZ PM for UN Secretary General over KRudd

    Helen Clark performed admirably as NZ PM during her terms in office. She has worked tirelessly since leaving politics in UN positions and understands the diplomacy involved in high office. The only other candidate from this part of the world is Kevin Rudd, and I will say no more about that...
  6. Knobby22

    New Flag for New Zealand

    New Zealand with the excellent Prime Minister's support (John Keys) is going for a new flag. Probably based on the silver fern. So our cousins Canada and NZ will have leaf based flags. Maybe we should have one? As the most backward serious nation in the Commonwealth we will be the last to get...
  7. Knobby22

    Conservative Election Wins

    Britain and New Zealand have elected Conservative leaders. People sense we need change and good financial management which is their strengths. But you look at both examples and they are parties that govern for all their nation, that have no hang ups with global warming etc. If you look to the...
  8. M

    Forex Traders in New Zealand (Bank withdrawals + fees)

    Hi there, I am trying to find out what my best option is with regards to withdrawing money from my Australian broker(IC Markets and AxiTrader) to a New Zealand bank. From what I gather every time I do a withdrawal i get a fee of around $50. $25 from the Australian bank and then another $25 for...
  9. System

    GNE - Genesis Energy

    Genesis Energy is a diversified energy company, operating in the New Zealand electricity industry, which sells electricity, natural gas and LPG through their Customer Experience business. The Company generates electricity, and trades electricity and natural gas, through their Energy Management...
  10. lesqld

    Understanding dividends from NZ company SKT on the ASX

    Hi there, hope someone can advise me about the following... The ASX website shows SKT's interim dividend amount as 13.1345c payable on 17/03/2014. It gives further information....NZ14C+2.4706C SUPDIV TO NR;15%WHT;EST $AU. Can anyone spell out to me what those abbreviations mean in "further...
  11. Who Dares Wins

    NZ Mining Boom?

    Anyone been following the Government announcements over the last 2 weeks regarding possible changes to mining regulations in NZ? Have taken whats below from this morning news. Global giants eye $7 billion Kiwi bonanza By GARRY SHEERAN - Sunday Star Times Last updated 05:00 06/09/2009...
  12. Timmy

    New Zealand - what's going on?

    There's plenty on ASF about Aussie politics and politicians, but not much (nothing?) about NZ politics. There are also a significant number of Kiwis on ASF, some are in Aus, some in NZ. One of them is trying to sell New Zealand on this thread. 3 bucks. So what's going on over there...
  13. E

    CFD Providers (DMA) for NZ

    Hi, does anyone know of any providers that are available to new zealanders? All the dma cfd providers seem to be aussie ones :( The only cfd provider in nz is CMC and thats a MM, which I'd rather not deal with.
  14. T

    NZO - New Zealand Oil and Gas

    Some strange movement on options today. There is $37500 transaction at $0.15. The ex price is 150, the ex date is June 2008. Current price is 95c i.e. some ppl believe it is going to be at least $1.65 a year later.
  15. Julia

    New Zealand economy

    I've noticed you are from Whangarei, Ducati. Over the last few months I've read several comments about the NZ economy being somewhat in the doldrums. Asked a couple of friends there (who take little interest in such stuff) but they have said there is no drop off in real estate, at least in...
  16. W

    No capital gains tax in New Zealand

    Hi guys did you know NZ has no capital gains tax. Therefore if you bought shares through a nz based entity either friend, company or trust based in NZ you pay NO tax. However if you're a trader then you loose the exemption. don't know if any of you can use this bit of info, as not a lot of...