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new year

  1. qldfrog

    Happy New Year 2015

    Could not find the relevant thread? So wishing all the regular members and first on the list: Joe a happy new year 2015 May it bring health, happiness and wealth. i personally get a lot of benefits from reading wise posts from: to only name a few: rimtas, retiredyoung, smurf1976, Julia...
  2. E

    Post Your New Year Related Goals!

    Titles explains it all, post all your new year related goals! Doesn't have to be related to stocks :xyxthumbs
  3. burglar

    Prosperous New Year!

    I wish all youse people the best every day, ... So I won't wish youse all a very merry ... etc, humbug!! It's not against my religion, however, to wish you a Prosperous New Year! Cheers Joe :D
  4. sptrawler

    Happy New Year Everyone!

    It's been a great year, we have all had our disagreements, but all in all we've had a great time. All we need is a change of government to make the new year a better one.LOL Cheers Joe:D
  5. K

    What are your New Year's Resolutions?

    first of mine is to devise a plan to recover all that money lost on shares in 2008....and I have already cut my alcohol consumption in half, beginning last Monday