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new trader

  1. DFENS

    Non-CFD platform?

    Hi Everyone, I am new here and I hope this subject has not been covered. As a new trader I have been looking for which trading platform to finally use once I have enough capital and practice under my belt. As a newer trader with limited capital I would be looking to be trading non leveraged...
  2. Mr_D

    Totally new to trading

    Hi guys, I’ve been wanting to get into serious trading for a while and now finally ready to start. I plan to do day trading on the asx and eventually make a good living from it. Is there anyone on here that does day trading, lives in Perth and could offer some help and mentoring ?
  3. K

    New trader keen to chat

    Hi traders and traders alike, I'd like to start off by saying that likely some of the questions I am about to ask are going to have you going "oh here we go again" or :banghead: banging your head against your desk but bare with me :xyxthumbs So trading has interested me alot, and at present I...
  4. A

    Problems of a new trader: where to begin?

    Hey all, this is my first post. I am new to trading, and have just finished researching all the relevant stuff on tech analysis. I have opened a brokerage account with commsec and I am ready to start trading. I was wondering if all you experts can point me in the right direction regarding...
  5. S

    Relatively New Trader - Seeking Advice

    Hey guys, Just seeking a little bit of information and advice here. I am a student who has 5k spare, in which i want to invest. What i wish to do is place 3k into blue chip stocks, and with the remaining give day trading a whirl. I understand it isn't a lot to start with, and I am not seeking...
  6. M

    Day Trading Newbie Lessons learnt

    Hi Guys & Girls, I just thought i would introduce my self and share some of my first experiences to day trading. I started getting a big interest in the stock market a few years ago and started swing trading with a demo account and about six months ago i got hard core into CFD's and day...
  7. G

    Introducing myself - new trader

    Hi guys. I've started trading on comsec quite alot recently. I'm 20 years old and doing a commerce degree at uni. In about 3 weeks - Currently i'm sittting with about 37k in the market, with holdings in Telstra Iluka Worleyparsons Tabcorp asx computershare Fleetwood CFX .. I...