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    New to stocks: Need help

    Hi I am 22 and receintly took a interest in the stock market I have downloaded the 500 stock app and I am learning a bit of that. Just wondering if anyone out there has any advice for a beginner and also are there any books anyone could recommend I read before I start. Looked up books for...
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    New to stocks and wanting to build up capital to invest in property

    Hi everyone i'm new here :) I'm a university student studying nursing and have a dream of one day being a property developer. As I don't have much cash I am looking at stocks to be my initial investment vehicle (my silver investment is more a long term thing). I want to educate myself about...
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    New to shares and any learning tips would be really appreciated

    Hey everyone, I'm Pete (obviously) :) I am totally new to buying and selling shares and am basically searching around for info before I start investing. I will only be using 10k to start and see what I can do over the next 12 to 18 months with that. I have applied with Westpac for a...
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    New to the stock market: Where do I begin?

    Hi guys I'm a uni student doing commerce. I am on holidays at the moment and have decided to start trading on the share market. I am starting with 1000 bux so not a lot and hence I'm not looking for long term investments. I have already conducted a hypothetical trade lasting about 1 to 2...