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need help

  1. Sandro S

    I'm an ecommerce business owner: need help

    Hi everyone, I'm an ecommerce business owner and I need your help. Im struggling with my business. I tried alternatives but it hasnt been effective. Anyone has some thoughts about how seo works?
  2. vnyennhi

    Need help testing new prediction algorithm

    Hi everyone, I'm a Finance Data Student and currently working a new prediction algorithm. I really need your help testing this website out and send me the screenshot of the result page. No dataset will be saved on the website, I promise. I would be so...
  3. W

    New to stocks: Need help

    Hi I am 22 and receintly took a interest in the stock market I have downloaded the 500 stock app and I am learning a bit of that. Just wondering if anyone out there has any advice for a beginner and also are there any books anyone could recommend I read before I start. Looked up books for...
  4. P

    New teenager to the investment market needs help!

    Hi everybody, I am new to this forum so please let me know if I'm in the wrong place :) I am a 15 year old student I have recently acquired a new passion in investment and money making. I have done some research on how to invest on ASX and am currently reading some books. "How to win...
  5. N

    Designing a Neural Network, need your help...

    A little bit about me, I'm an analytical professional who for a while now has been making a living designing predictive models. (Regression analysis, decision trees, neural networks etc...) A while ago I decided to build a neural network to predict the outcome of sporting matches, it turned...
  6. A

    Bitcoin and Plus500!

    Greetings. Totally brand new at this. I have purchased around 8 Bitcoins and have noticed that they fluctuate wildly. I then registered with Plus500 and found that they deal in Bitcoin/USD of which I purchased $500 worth of shares. Are they a good short term investment? I seem to panic and...
  7. C

    Need help understanding aspects of options

    Hi there, I've gained a good understanding of the theory behind Options but I've got a few outstanding issues that I would really like some help with. Firstly, is there a metric that says how many options of a particular option code are available to purchase? I'm finding option codes in the...
  8. V

    Need help with CommSec contract note calculations

    this is a question for users of comsec pro trader 2. when viewing contract notes calculations of the brokerage and net proceeds can be viewed. i am having trouble calculating the brokerage in an excel spreadsheet. my calculations are close but not exact in accordance to the contract note...