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    Newcrest Mining (NCM) options strike prices

    Hi all, I'm not sure if it is only happening with NCM, but why are the option strike prices on the June options chain different from the usual pricing format? Usually option strike prices are in $0.25 increments, and for some shares they are in $0.50 increments. Eg $8:00, $8.25, $8.50, $9.00...
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    RIO & NCM: Hold or Sell?

    Hi guys looking for some advice Got Rio @ $56.2 (thinking of holding) NCM $17.05 can anyone give me some advice on these? should i hold or sell them? looking at short team like next month or 2, or any idea when these will go back up, specially NCM, thanks
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    CBA, BHP, NCM, WOW pairwise correlations

    In part due to the recent discussion about "range trading strategies" and "picking market tops", I compiled the average rolling 20day pairwise correlation for the listed stocks. Just for the sake of anyone interested I thought I would throw up the last 6 months of data in a chart as for me it...
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    NCM - Newcrest Mining

    Ouch! Oh Dear! Should prove to be a good buying opportunity today for the long term. I'm not panicking and selling.