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  1. McLovin

    NBN v ADSL

    My street is currently being rolled out to the NBN. We're getting HFC installed rather than utilising the existing copper wire, which I guess will be decommissioned at some point. I know some pretty senior network IT guys who all live locally and reckon that the HFC cable will be slower than...
  2. B

    Telstra and NBN if the Coalition Win Election

    Hi All, I wondering what the general feeling is towards Telstra if the coalition win the election. Labor have opted for fibre to premise and agreed a contract worth 11 billion with Telstra for the rollout of the NBN. Liberal prefer fibre to the node and say it will be cheaper. David...
  3. O

    Shares set to benefit from the NBN

    With the NBN almost assured now to go ahead with the telstra and optus deals making it very expensive to wind back, it now seems to me to be a good idea to work out the areas that will best benefit from NBN. I like investing in the tech space. Simply because a lot of traders don't understand...
  4. Garpal Gumnut

    NBN Rollout Scrapped

    I have it on good opinion from one of my Queensland ALP contacts , that the NBN is to be "modified". This will free up money for the Flood and Cyclone Reconstruction. The word "scrapped" will not be used. "Modified" is the buzzword. One can imagine a Dalek saying it...."Modified...