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  1. dutchie

    NFLX - Netflix Inc. (NASDAQ)

    NFLX - Netflix Inc (NASDAQ) Netflix promotes pedophilia. Cancel your subscription. Sell your shares. ‘Cancel Netflix’ Backlash Grows Over ‘Cuties’ Film’s Sexualization of Young Girls By Todd Spangler 46 Courtesy of Netflix [UPDATE: Netflix issued a statement saying “Cuties” is “a social...
  2. jmbonni

    DJIA next day forecast

    Hello everybody. Here you will find the forecasts review for the next trading day of the Dow Jones.
  3. Value Collector

    BYND - Beyond Meat Inc. (NASDAQ)

    Beyond Meat has listed on the NYSE. Beyond produces plant based meat alternatives that look, feel and taste like real beef burgers, sausages and chicken products. Their sales have been growing rapidly in recent years, and they are spreading around the globe. Even large chains like Burger King...
  4. EVarakova

    NASDAQ Share Data for AmiBroker

    Hi Guys/Gals Where could I get Nasdaq historical share date that I can use in my Ami Broker software? At present I use for my AU data but where could I find US? Thanks E
  5. Gringotts Bank

    SPOT - Spotify Technology SA (NASDAQ)

    grey mkt. Looks grey to me.
  6. R

    Some movers overnight on the NYSE and NASDAQ

  7. S

    Who trades the NASDAQ?

    Hi, New to this forum, I am from Australia but I want to trade stocks in the NASDAQ, I am currently with brokerage IG. But I feel like commissions are too high. Does anyone trade the NASDAQ, and what platform do you use to trade, do you recommend any in america itself?
  8. R

    NYSE and NASDAQ Unusually Active

    Here are some stocks that were unusually active on the NYSE and NASDAQ, Monday the 23rd of October at 4pm US Eastern time. Long calculations are Open to High, Short calculations Open to Low. 25VMA = 25 day Volume Moving Average, RV = Relative Volume and FRL = Fibonacci Retracement Level (at the...
  9. OoieGooie

    Trading Nasdaq Again - Broker Choices

    Hi There, To keep things brief, I'm currently looking for a broker to trade ETF's on the Nasdaq again and could use some advice. I've dabbled in trading already and I am very much a learner still. Unfortunately I find a lot of false information out there and I've paid for listening to it. I...
  10. M

    Looking for a broker to trade options on the NASDAQ

    Hello everyone, I am looking to open up an online brokerage account so i can trade options on the NASDAQ. Just wondering what brokers people are using and if anyone could recommend one? Cheers
  11. R

    NYSE/Nasdaq Announcement Section

    Hi All, Quick question to find if anyone knows of an announcement section similar to the ASX variety for NYSE/Nasdaq? I've had a skim of both websites and have either overlooked or cant find it. If there isn't something similar, is there a 3rd party version where information is collated...
  12. daytradeprofit

    AMZN -, Inc. (NASDAQ)

    In the past 52 weeks, share prices have been bracketed by a low of $299.33 and a high of $696.44 now from the technical side we can see the picture: break down 537 $ will send Amazon share to 420+_$ while the breakup 623$ will send the prices higher my guess from the charts that we...
  13. J

    AAPL - Apple Inc. (NASDAQ)

    Waiting for the the continuation of fall
  14. M

    IMMU - Immunicum AB (NASDAQ)

    Immunicum is Swedish Biotech Company listed on NASDAQ OMX First North and develops therapeutic cancer vaccines with INTUVAX being their flagship model. The company has a total of five projects in their pipeline and their main cancer vaccine, INTUVAX, currently recruiting 90 patients for a...
  15. S

    ETSY - Etsy, Inc. IPO (NASDAQ)
  16. CanOz

    FEYE - FireEye Inc (NASDAQ)

    FEYE has been in a nice long consolidation since May. Its broken out on good volume but has just cleared the consolidation trend-line. When we look inside the bars we see areas where we could calculate different levels of risk. The target area is a prior VWAP around 50.00 Enjoy!
  17. CanOz

    TSLA - Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ)

    Tesla has been tracing a well know bearish pattern, the head and shoulders. It has broken the neckline and is at the typical 'throwback' or 'retest'. There are a couple of ways to play this but i like 'looking inside the bars' and determining what the market structure tells me could be the best...
  18. S

    S&P 500 & NASDAQ Historical Data?

    HI I was wondering if anyone knows where l can get historical charting data with indicators, going back at leasat 20 years on s&p500 and Nasdaq? Would like to perform some technical back testing but am unable to find a platform where l can perform this. I can easily get it on the forex but...
  19. L

    eTrade charges $500 brokerage for buying $20,000 of shares on NASDAQ?!

    I opened global trade account with etrade recently, on their Rates & Fees page, the rate isn't too bad: But when I place a order on their website, they charge me $500 for $20,000 investing. Does anyone have same experience...
  20. W

    Broker for buying stocks on NASDAQ and NYSE

    I'm looking to buy some stock for long term, probably will make about 5 transactions per year, what would be a good broker for this? Commsec would have been convenient since I've already got an account but I've heard Commsec is expensive if you're not really trading frequently because of ongoing...