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  1. B

    Nabtrade failed orders

    Hi, Just wondering if someone might have some advice. I'm in a couple of leveraged ETF positions through Nabtrade and they are going the wrong way now but when I tried to sell I just got and error saying it couldn't be completed. No other details. I've been trying to contact (phone,email...
  2. A

    Error on Nabtrade for buy order: "Denied: price too far from market"

    Hi, I placed a buy order for a share "AFI.AX" on Thursday night at $6.25 per share and got the message ""Denied: price too far from market" today. This is baffling to me as the price didn't get as high as $6.25 I called Nabtrade and the call centre operator wasn't sure but suggested I had to...
  3. A

    NAB stop loss set up question

    Hi there, I have a the NAB trading APP and I'm stuck on how to set up a stop loss. I've googled but i cannot find any info on how this is done. I'm still pretty new at this game and any instruction you might have would be appreciated. I have small caps stock that i would like to set a stop...
  4. A

    NabTrade iPhone app - conditional orders

    Hello there, NEWB question here. I want to set up an stop loss or conditional order for my shares. I called NAB and they said it was a free service on the mobile app. He said it's easy to set up but it is not. I've done my google and youtube before coming here and i though i might ask if...
  5. bellenuit

    nabtrade Cash and Margin accounts

    I have a nabtrade cash trading account that I opened a few years ago but never used as I did all of my trading through Interactive Brokers. I have recently opened a nabtrade margin trading account as I am becoming frustrated waiting for IB to reactivate margin for individuals. I now have 2...
  6. P

    Nabtrade - Where to start?

    I've opened a nabtrade account and cant figure out how to forex trade with it. Can you do forex trading with nabtrade and if not what should I be using and is it easy to link my Nab bank account to it? Any advice on how to get started would be great. Thanks Also, i'm looking to start up...
  7. G

    Delayed settlement and dividends

    I started to use NABtrade but assumed it would work like my other brokers where if you buy and then sell the next day the T+3 settlement amount was offset. Well got a call from NAB and my trades havent been settling because they have been trying the full amount on T+3. I have been trading...
  8. tinhat

    NAB Online Trading closing, being replaced by new "nabtrade" platform

    I've been using NAB Online Trading as my broker. I'm not a trader so don't do that many trades - somewhere between zero to twenty trades a month - probably average two or three a month. Anyhow, anyone using NAB Online Trading will have received all the gumph about the new (in-house) platform...