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  1. T

    Share suggestions to diversify my $30K NAB share portfolio

    I have current have 33k in NAB shares I have earned from employment bonuses over the years. I am quite happy with those and plan to keep them but I wanted to diversify is something other than financial institutions I was looking to put another 10k in fully franked dividend Australia shares and...
  2. A

    NAB stop loss set up question

    Hi there, I have a the NAB trading APP and I'm stuck on how to set up a stop loss. I've googled but i cannot find any info on how this is done. I'm still pretty new at this game and any instruction you might have would be appreciated. I have small caps stock that i would like to set a stop...
  3. K

    Need assistance to set trailing stop loss on NAB IRESS

    Hi all, I have a few shares that are starting to run and I would like to add a trailing stop loss. I have access to the NAB IRESS but unfortunately the help files are basically non existent. I see the the IRESS software is used by many companies and different modules and aspects of the IRESS...
  4. MrBurns

    NAB Convertible Preference Shares

    Anyone going for it ?
  5. tinhat

    NAB Online Trading closing, being replaced by new "nabtrade" platform

    I've been using NAB Online Trading as my broker. I'm not a trader so don't do that many trades - somewhere between zero to twenty trades a month - probably average two or three a month. Anyhow, anyone using NAB Online Trading will have received all the gumph about the new (in-house) platform...
  6. M

    Bank Lending Results & Interest Rates

    As usual, the end of the month sees APRA releasing the bank balance sheets for the previous month (June 2011). Overall, the picture of lending in Australia is one of a negative trend. The graph below is annual year on year growth rates of each of the lending sectors. Owner Occupied and...
  7. JetDollars

    NAB - National Australia Bank

    All, What's up with the NAB yesterday? After the CEO announement................ Where NAB go from here? Your comments, please?