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  1. MrBurns

    Food, diet, facts and myths

    Thought this deserved it's own thread. The following is from another forum, this guy has done a lot of research and probably knows more than many doctors, in fact I'm sure of it.
  2. explod

    Roulette: odds, chances, myths and fact

    As promised brom the Baccarat thread I have found that a thread dedicated to the possibilities/impossiblities of Roulette should be of considerable interest. So as the last poster on the other one Royboy and to appease my abrupt insult, much out of order, to Naked shorts lets see where we...
  3. N

    Market Myths

    No1: Stock ABC has gone up so many %, and its already run so far, surely now its expensive and cant run anymore No2: Stock XYZ has fallen so many %, its looking damn bloody cheap, surely it cant fall anymore These TWO are very common myths. I have seen this attitude (no1) with ZFX and more...