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  1. tech/a

    The Portfolio MYTH-----Do you need to change your thinking?

    Its becoming more recognised, I've seen it mentioned by a few now. While portfolios are designed to minimize risk they certainly don't maximize profit. I think this is true for Technical/Fundamental/and Systematic traders. I've changed the way I trade stock. Its taken 8 mths. In some part as...
  2. SFA

    Time is not important for long-term investment

    Many believe that the timing of an investment is not important or not relevant for a long term investment. Therefore, people believe that losing money for a short period of time is justifiable. . This belief is for those who fail to get their timing right!. Many people only actively select and...
  3. SFA

    Investment Myths

    Investment Myths There are a lot of myths and misconceptions floating around on the internet about investments. Advice such as diversify your investments, only invest in bluechips, buy cheap, etc. The biggest lies are “investment is too risky, so just leave it to the ‘professionals’ to do the...
  4. K

    Vestigial Organs evolution myth

    Another evolution myth bites the dust.
  5. Solly

    Beer Goggles are a myth

    Dr Vincent Egan, of Leicester University has made the startling concision that Beer Goggles are a myth.....