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  1. exgeo

    MYG - Mayfield Group Holdings

    The company changed its monicker and code from Allied Technology (ATZ) to Longreach (LRG) on 16/2/07. Allied merged with Longreach via the issue of shares to Longreach shareholders on 22/11/06. Longreach then became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Allied. Allied then took the Longreach name. LRG is...
  2. Y

    MYG - Mutiny Gold

    :) Hi folks, MYG ..... started out poorly, but fully expect some increased interest, late on Friday 14072006 and more next week, as well ..... :) Other key dates for MYG may be: 17-18072006 ... 3 time cycles here - minor and positive news? 20072006 ..... positive spotlight...