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  1. basilio

    Who are Australian Muslims?

    Just watched the first part of a two part series on SBS called Muslims like us. Ten very different Australian Muslims brought together to live in a Sydney house and share their particular Muslim beliefs and experiences. Really thought provoking. They clearly chose the talent for their...
  2. N

    The Australian Muslim Party

    Good addition or a bad addition to Federal Parliament? How will it affect Tony Burke's seat of Watson in western Sydney?.... Will Ed Kuseck leave the Labor Party and join the AMP?..After all he did take his oath on the Koran. Will the AMP take votes from Labor and the Greens...
  3. P

    Are Muslim Extremists Invading Britain?

    This is worth watching, the young girl who comes across as tolerant and understanding is obviously deeply saddened by whats happening in her home town, as an Englishman it saddens me as well, extremists will always be part of society but these people who think they dont have to observe UK laws...
  4. numbercruncher

    Buddhists outnumber Muslims down under...

    Christianity continues to lose support in favour of non belief - interesting numbers really.