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  1. MovingAverage


    that killed River Phoenix.......sorry I'm a TISM tragic
  2. johenmo

    Music with a message

    With the passing of the Yothu Yindi singer (mentioning the name is disrespectful to some) i went back to listening to some of the songs & lyrics. which took me back to Redgum, the Oils, Paul Kelly, Kev Carmody etc. Who would be the current equivalent of these guys and groups in terms of lyrics...
  3. James Austin

    Music To My Ears

    this thread is a diversion from the trading posts, but i thought i'd like to post up the music i'm listening to in one collective group; my music gets lost amongst 100s of other posts when posted to the ASF Music Thread
  4. roland

    What happened to the music?

    When I first discovered music, it was the radio - we had one in the the family's FC Holden and it was fun watching Dad try and tune it into the next town's radio station as we travelled from Sydney to Gundagai to vist the rels'. At home we had a big 3 in 1 black and white TV with a...
  5. J

    MUSIC - What are ASF members listening to?

    Thought it would be interesting to hear what people are listening to and maybe we can post on New released music and past released that we have purchased and give a rating out of 5.