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  1. noirua

    Conservation - Murder, Death and Destruction

    Eleven lions found dead in Uganda national park in suspected poisoning
  2. basilio

    Legalised murder in the Philippines: USA next?

    We know about the thousands of alleged drug users and small time pushers who have been killed/murdered in the Phillipines. I was reminded of this today when I heard a story from someone who has close connections in the Phillipines. Apparently there is a neat little line in outsourcing the...
  3. D

    Thomas Kelly Case

    The kid who king hit Thomas Kelly and assaulted 4 others has just been sentenced to 4 years minimum. As a 19 year old who goes to kings cross every now and then, this is a disgrace! He should have gotten heaps more and made an example of. Maybe I'm being harsh but to know that this kid just went...
  4. C

    Horrific child murder in Perth

    I am guessing this has not made it on the news in the Eastern states yet as I would presume a post would already have been posted. This link is pretty ordinary but it gives a basic on what happened It is scary and sad....