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    Wealth-Lab or Multicharts?

    Greetings to all. I'm new to these forums. I'm trying to decide between Wealth-Lab and Multicharts. There is price difference but I care more about features and capabilities and the difference in the one-time fee is not as important. I like Wealth-Lab but I would like to here opinions of some...
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    Convert AmiBroker Formula Language into MultiCharts PowerLanguage

    Does anyone know who offers system code conversion service? Want to convert AmiBroker Formula Language into MultiCharts PowerLanguage. It's a complete system with practical interface to adjust various settings, apart from Operating code it also includes Monte Carlo Simulation Code.
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    Trading System in EasyLanguage on Multicharts or Tradestation

    Hi folks, is there anyone that work in easylanguage and backtesting strategy in Multicharts or Tradestation? What is in you opinion a good stock broker tu use MC or TS ? My Best
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    Has anyone here had much experience with this? It looks a great bit of kit, I have been trialling NT but came across this on that Big Mike Trading Forum (am i even allowed to mention that forum here...) and it gets a much better write up. It doesn't seem to have anything that it can't do...