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  1. cogs

    Indicators Worth Using in FX

    I thought I might share some useful (MT4) indicators I have used (gathered) over the years, post them through from time to time. The theory behind these indicators can be used in general, in any trading format, these just happen to be coded in MQL4. I have since switched to CTrader which...
  2. TheBigKangaroo

    MT4 Time Frames

    Hello All Some questions about MT4. 1. Can I change the displayed date /time at the bottom of the chart to the Australian time 2. If not, what country are the times displayed for. Is it UK or USA. Thank you Big Roo
  3. A

    MT4 HTM2CSV Statement converter using python

    Thought I'd write a python script to convert a MT4 htm statement containing your closed trade history to a nicely formatted csv file. Note: you need to install python for this to work. Attached is a zip file containing python script Extract to where you store your Statement.htm...
  4. TheBigKangaroo

    MT4 EA Alarm

    Hello Fellow Frustrated I am wondering if anyone has or knows of an EA that simply provides an alarm (just on screen will do) that I can set on a FX pair and receive an alarm if say the price varies say 10 cents, dollars,pips or whatever from the current set price. I dont want it to take any...
  5. TheBigKangaroo

    MACD and MT4

    Hi Fellow Traders. Can anyone tell me why the MACD indicator on MT4 only displays the signal line and histogram. I use the 12,26,9 criteria but seem to be missing either the MACD line or the signal. Thanks in Advance
  6. mattfromsydney

    Semi-Automated EAs with Configuration on Web Platform

    I've built myself a semi-automated web platform that connects to different strategies in MT4 that will broadcasts the trade signals to the web platform, as well as potential signals that may happen on the next bar, then allows you to take or pass on the trade via the web platform on a computer...
  7. S

    MT4 training

    Hey talented people, is it possible to get trainingnon the MT4 platform from someone knowledgeable? Im tech savvy, just learning my way in forex. Based in Sydney, willing to travel for the right help. Cheers Simon
  8. M

    EA Robots for Scalping FX MT4

    Hi all, Anyone care to comment on their experiences good or bad with EARobots For MT4. What have you used? Sounds too easy. Cheers
  9. D

    Share CFDs on MT4

    Hi everyone. Coming back to cfds. I'm looking for Australian CFD provider which offers ASX individual shares cfds on MT4. And does that provider offer the same on a demo account, because some practice after years of forex won't hurt.
  10. E

    MetaTrader 4: Buying with loss

    Hey all, might be a stupid question but I'm new to the game so please be nice ;) I'm currently using a Demo Account (AlpariUK) practicing trading Forex using Meta Trader 4. When I trade in Meta Trader it's never at the current market price? Using single click trading... If i was to...
  11. A

    Converting Metastock EOD data to MT4 history files for MT4 charting

    Thought I'd follow up on my last thread with a similar one, which involves charting Metastock EOD data in MT4. So basically what you do is say you subscribe to an EOD data provider such as dataHQ or Premium Data etc. Once your Metastock data is downloaded/updated, you run my perl script from...
  12. A

    Downloading ASX Stock Quotes from Yahoo Finance and Charting them in MT4 using Perl

    Another project I've been working on is downloading End of Day ASX stock quotes from yahoo finance and loading these up on Metatrader 4 charts. What is required here is the installation of perl on your machine in order for things to work. I think from memory you can download and install Active...
  13. J

    Looking for a broker... (ASX200 and MT4 enabled)

    The broker needs to trade ASX200 index CFDs (or ASX200 derivatives) and have Metatrader functionality offered. It doesn't need to be based locally in Australia. IG Markets and Oanda are the only ones I've found. Does anybody know of any other brokers that meet that criteria? Or anybody know...
  14. S

    Need to obtain AFSL authorised representative for FX MT4 trading

    Hi Can any one point me to the direction or web-site or any offer in doing fx trading under authorised representative arrangement? what is the market monthly charge is like ? we do on-line FX trading on mt4 (off-shore) appreciate any suggestion. samsiu
  15. ftw129

    IC Markets MT4 demo account down?

    Hello out there! Is anyone currently using IC Markets Demo MT4 account and if so can you please check yours to see if it's working at the moment? Mine went berserk as soon as the Non Farm figures came out at 8.30 and I haven't been able to get any quotes since. It appears as though it has...
  16. T

    Anyone using MT4?

    any want is using MT4 for trading here?
  17. S

    Replacement for MT4 and Go Markets

    G'Day All, Having tried to get back into forex and wanting to backtest in MT4, I have found the MT4 history data issue is now beyond help. I am looking for suggestions for a replacement for MT4 (not MT5) and a broker that is suitable. I write my own indicators and EA's in MT4 to allow...
  18. O

    Cheapest and best Forex broker that uses MetaTrader 4?

    Hello all. I'm an Aussie who has traded US stock and options with Thinkorswim in the US. I'm now looking at entering into the FOREX markets and want to know the cheapest FOREX broker I can use. I understand that it doesn't necessarily have to be an Australian broker. Basically, I want it to...
  19. TulipFX

    MetaTrader Indicators and Expert Advisors Repository

    Hi everyone, I thought I would share this excellent resource. I do not vouch for the results of any systems or indicators on this site but think it might be useful for any MT4 coders out there, or people interested in learning. It has a great array of opensource code which can prove a...
  20. A

    Amibroker DDE MT4 plugin

    Hi All, I am trying to setup Amibroker with forex data from MT4. Once I setup AB as per it says connected by wont display a chart. I assume this is because there is no backfill and currently the market is closed. I will try this again when market opens...