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    MQG Dividend

    Hi, I bought these shares on the ex dividend date of 26/05. I was wondering if I will receive dividends on this stock? Or because Commsec settled on the 29th they will not come through? Thankyou
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    MQG vs. BNB - which is best?

    Does anyone have a view on these two stocks. MBL seems to be hitting strong resistance levels at $64, even with a brokers target of $ 70 and brokers are tipping BNB as a long term buy but are there any short term valuations.
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    MQG - Macquarie Group

    Hi first time poster long time reader, I've only started getting into the sharemarket game about 3 months ago, I have decided to watch the market for about about a year before I start putting my hard earned into it, I would say I spend at least 2 to 3 hours a day reading/analysing etc. ANYWAY...