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moving averages

  1. W

    Metastock Moving Average Problems

    Hello, I have just installed Metastock and i am having a problem that i can not for the life of me resolve. I trade Forex and i use both 10 and 20 period Exponential Moving Averages in my trading plan. I have plotted these on my charts using drag and drop from Indicator list. But then when i...
  2. J

    Moving average trading - tools?

    Hi all, I'm fairly interested in moving average trading to make mid- and long-term decisions based on trends. Which tools do people generally use to plot stocks? Do you load stuff into excel (if so: where do you load them from) and plot yourself or are there dedicated tools? Ideally looking...
  3. V

    Moving averages and trade entries

    Hi all. I'm just starting out and would appreciate the benefit of your collective wisdom. Firstly. When using a moving average to indicate a good buy point. Are you guys using a 20 day MA? That seems best to me, or at least to suit my level of risk. In the above, the stock is turning...
  4. Nortorious

    Moving Average as an indicator for entry into the market?

    Hi All, Relatively new to ASF and the sharemarket. Currently have capital of $10k to start me off in long term investing. I'm looking at selecting stocks using a combination of fundamental and technical analysis with the goal of capital growth and passive income (through dividends). I'm...