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  1. D

    Negative Gearing on shares with a mortgage

    Hi all, i believe I am in the very common situation that I have redraw available in my PPOR mortgage and am looking to invest in shares. Instead of funding my share purchases with cash, I can redraw money from my mortgage to invest. Two benefits arise from that: 1. The interest on the...
  2. Frankieplus

    Is it wise to buy stocks if I have a mortgage/credit card bills?

    Hi everyone.. I have an investment property that I am paying off and I also have the house that I live in that I am paying off.. Not to mention a credit card bill that's just over $20k As a general rule, is it wise for me to buy blue chip shares? Or should I just be putting every...
  3. Tyler Durden

    How much stability do you need to take on a mortgage?

    Taking on a mortgage has become somewhat of a possibility for me given I recently signed a three year contract with my current work place. I was previously on a one year contract which was due to end next month, and really didn't have much of an idea as to what to do after that. Call me...
  4. M

    Buy a house outright or get a mortgage?

    I am 28 and my boyfriend is 26. We have both started working in a Fly-In Fly-Out job at a mining camp with a combined annual salary of $200,000. As we are on a 4week on, 1 week off roster, we have chosen not to rent or buy a home and simply use our week off to travel or visit family. Our main...
  5. A

    Fix or not to fix home loan?

    Members Equity now offering fixed interest rate of 4.69% for 3 years. What do people reckon - a safe bet that variable unlikely to drop below that in the next 3 years?
  6. M

    Lenders' Mortgage Insurance [LMI] on Home Loans

    Hi We plan to assist a much loved family member get the deposit together to purchase a house. They are currently renting. My understanding is that, generally, a deposit of 20% is required to avoid very expensive LMI. I am hoping, among the collective wisdom on ASF, that some...
  7. cordelia

    A Mortgage and a Loan?

    A mortgage is NOT a loan What most people don't understand is that a mortgage is NOT a debt - it is not a loan. This is no fault of the average person as the word mortgage has cleverly been used in advertising, by banks and other lenders, in such a way to make it appear that a loan and a...
  8. E

    Stock Investing with a Mortgage

    My partner and I have put down a deposit on a mortgage for our first house. We are going to split the mortgage in half so we have the same amount each. I've got a stock portfolio around 30k that I can sell some or all of. (I have 10k in cash also) I'm wondering if I should keep some of...
  9. Tyler Durden

    CC balance transfer on mortgage?

    Just wondering if there is any way of doing an interest free balance transfer on at least part of your outstanding mortgage amount? I know the interest free period is limited, but I was thinking perhaps once you got an amount onto a credit card, then you could transfer it to the next interest...