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  1. bigdog

    Where will all the money come from to fund the stimulus?

    Where will all the money come from to fund the stimulus? Was the money sitting there all along? Who will we have to repay when this is all over? And will we ever get the...
  2. againsthegrain

    How safe is money in the bank? options?

    I am 99% in cash this year, with all the recent talk of this place going down and that place going bankrupt a few have already touched on the topic of the banks. No big bank has ever gone bust in Aus, no bank did during gfc, realistically how worried should we be, what are the rough odds...
  3. bigdog

    Millennials turn to apps for a different way to invest their money

    Are there any current users of Stake? What is your opinions about Stake? Looks like was launched in 2018...
  4. mcgrath111

    Rethinking what to do with my money?

    Hi All, I'm 25 and not in the property market. My 'share portfolio' consists of NAB and VOC at the moment. This is accounts for about 5% of my dollary doo's (95% cash atm.) I've begun thinking about progressively investing into ASX:VAS, over the next 12 -24 months, and putting my reducing my...
  5. D

    How to Double or Triple my money?

    Hello everyone. I'm from the UK.... Not sure how I ended up here, but I guess I started looking at commodities and it led me to Australia and Australian companies. I assume you guys are the mining gurus? I am a complete newbie to stocks / commodities which may just be about to be proved to...
  6. Boggo

    Dick Smith puts his money where his mouth is

    Well done to Dick Smith for making such an enormous donation to so many charities.
  7. Gringotts Bank

    For the Love of Money

    NYTimes story (2) is a few years old. Interview (1) is recent. Interesting? 1 - 2 -
  8. A

    Money from the Government to the People

    Let me explain what happens when instead of the Goverment actually being the one responsible for providing services and held to account by voters, they palm this responsibility to the private sector. Imagine a doctor 100 years ago charging $20 a visit. You had to pull $20 out your own...
  9. darkhorse70

    Anyone making money off eBay?

    Any one here who makes money selling merchandise off ebay. My cousin thinks its very possible and he wants to get some income from selling stuff off ebay. Is it possible to make a couple hundred dollars a week with a small initial capital without putting a great deal of effort in (maybe 1-2...
  10. I

    Lost Investment Money? 10 Practical Tips To Getting It Back

    Many investors lose money through their financial planner, investment advisor, stock broker, fund manager, superannuation fund, bank or some other financial services provider. But despite legal mechanisms being available to help them recoup their losses, experience has shown that a significant...
  11. O

    Where can I put my money to earn more interest than an ING saver account?

    I have $50,000 in an ING saver account. I deposited it on the 28th of Feb and since then its made $415. Where can i put my money that will have similar low risk but generating more interest/dividends etc... Thanks.
  12. tech/a

    Diluting Currency by printing Money - Damaging Australian Economy

    Continued US money printing which dilutes its value and hence its debt is the aim of the US FED. But Australia bears a brunt with a high AUD and diminishing export market. Foreign goods look even more inviting. China --- linked to the USD becomes even more attractive as the US keeps...
  13. S

    OptionsXpress $USD transfer funds into $AUD bank

    Hey, Does anybody know the best way to transfer $USD funds into $AUD funds using this broker. I do not want to use for example CBA, ANZ foreign exchange rates as they are a joke. I cannot use companies like ozforex because they are considered 3rd party and they don't allow for that. ACH is...
  14. qldfrog

    How secure is your money with your broker?

    Has anyone some definitive knowledge as to how secure your assets are with your broker? I have significant amounts both in trading accounts (cash left with the broker) and as well under CHESS on my share accounts; I am currently with Bell Direct but the issue is not specific to them...
  15. Glen48

    Free Money?

    Received an E mail from as follows so filled it in and put my address as Post Office San Miguel asking for 25G. No questions asked about assets or employment. Got this today: CLYDE & CO INTERNATIONAL LAW FIRM St Botolph Building 138 Houndsditch, London EC3A 7AR, United Kingdom. WEB...
  16. R

    Money as debt - should we be worried?

    I'd like peoples opinions on this
  17. Tyler Durden

    Online savings accounts - where does the money go?

    I see that whenever I transfer money from my day-to-day account to my online savings account, the money will get taken out the next day, but it does not get included in my online savings account's "available balance" until a few days later. Just curious...if it's not in my day to day...
  18. Gringotts Bank

    Money beliefs

    Joe, can we get that trading psych forum happening please? 101 Money Beliefs, from NEGATIVE COMMON MONEY BELIEFS Many of us have beliefs that come from what others say or what others will like us to believe. 1 Money doesn’t...
  19. A

    How can we pinpoint rising inflation caused by excess money in circulation?

    I've heard afew gurus saying that if a government prints too much money, too quickly - expect to see the effects of inflation as there is too much money quickly available and in circulation.... too much money chasing too few goods. My question is when can the average consumer physically...
  20. wayneL

    Gold and precious metals as "Money"

    It is often stated that gold is money, gold is the only real money etc etc. Sure I have a few krugs (but not a huge amount) I've accumulated over the years, and I trade gold futs, but I have a few questions regarding this "gold is money" thing, as lots of people are buying physical gold in...