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  1. G

    My simple big idea of trading stocks!

    Here is my simple big idea about profitable trading if you wish to read! What's yours? G.
  2. W

    wsDKII's Money Management Journey... Help?

    Hi all, I have been reading quite a bit here and am doing my first post so I can start getting advice from those who want to impart any knowledge they have in the area of Money Management. I have always wanted to get into the share market and have been researching as much as I can over the...
  3. D

    MT4 Money Manager

    Hi, We developed a totally free (mt4) money management script, which calculates the risk, the stop loss value and adjusts the position size automatically for each trade. How to use the FREE MT4 Money Manager:
  4. C

    Portfolio management software from

    Hi all, This is my first post - I am not in the market yet, but I am currently getting myself educated so I am ready to invest. I am uncovering topic after topic ( seems to be a never ending road!), and from the research I have conducted so far it seems like you really have to know what you...
  5. A

    Money management

    i found this article on a website: would it be a good method for a bigger to use, i noticed it doesnt really factor in the brokerage into the loss. i would jus like some other peoples opinion on it . thanx...
  6. G

    Money Management article by Big Mike

    This has been taken from - its not my site and no its not an article selling a 'winning system to beat the pros!' - its simply good advice for any new trader. Money Management Rules Sunday, March 7, 2010 Here are some Money Management...
  7. Garpal Gumnut

    Divorce buggers Money Management

    I've arrived home tonight to find the house stripped of all furniture , our joint accounts zeroed and a rather disparaging note from the fourth Mrs Gumnut. Luckily I have a poly pipe full of cash and other contraband well buried. I am on first name terms with my Family Law Lawyer, called...
  8. tech/a

    Maverick Money Management - Good, Bad or Ugly?

    What in your view is a Maverick? Are you a "Maverick?" Have you every been a successful Maverick? A reformed Maverick? A recovering Maverick? Any good or bad Maverick experiences? Any advice? Is it a good or bad way to do things. I'm actually speaking of Mavericks in all areas of...
  9. investorpaul

    Trading Style, Money Management & More

    When I responded to the above comment I said I would reply in my blog, so that is what I am doing. I will try and keep it as detailed yet brief as possible. I enjoy all comments so please post more, obviously I like constructive criticism but understand without knowing the full picture that it...
  10. RobinHood

    Backtesting money management (illustration included)

    I'm currently working on backtesting different money management strategies over some of my discretionary trading accounts. To those that trade professionally, have you found that it is best just to keep your money management simple (e.g. 1% fixed fractional risk) or do you get creative with...
  11. B

    Money management - relationship between profit and position size

    I have a mechanical system I trade that has some money management built in. I am looking for some ideas on possible next steps to improve this where possible. My Money Management I currently use a fixed fractional method that has 5 equal size positions so a 100k account would have 5 * 20k...
  12. S

    Money Management: Risk, Position Size & Stop Loss

    I grabbed this from the scalping thread to shove it in its own. Cause position sizing is vital and underutilised. R = Risk. Its to standardise things. rather then people talking about different amounts of money, they talk about the 'degree of risk'. So if my 20 point stop loss was hit...
  13. R0n1n

    Amibroker Money Management/Position Sizing

    guys, I have been testing a system with simple buy and sell rules and I was wondering how would the system perform with my Money Management and Position Sizing rules. So I looked in the help files and found the following code. The rules I follow are: For entry: total fund: $100,000 every...
  14. ducati916

    Fundamental Money Management Methodology

    This appeared on another thread, and demonstrated the opinion that *Fundamentals* is really another way of saying *Buy & Hold* & further that the selection of undervalued stocks are few and far between. This really isn't the case. Lets take an actual example, SGTL, one of tech/a personal...
  15. RichKid

    Coin Tossing - Risk & Money Management

    Came across this article on the oft talked about coin flipping scenario in SFO (Stocks Futures & Options) Magazine ( A free subscription online so you can join if you like- I saw the hardcopy at a newsagency and thought it was worth a read. The May issue is on Trend following. I...