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  1. G

    Employers putting software on mobile phones (monitoring, privacy concerns)

    What do people think about employers putting software on our phones. forgot the name, some Microsoft product. for a job (requested during interview )'s work at home Could they take pics of my face? look at my search history, photos, open up my note files, see what i'm doing? it's a...
  2. G

    Forex price alert (mobile phone SMS)

    anyone got something setup so that they get price alerts via mobile phone sms? if so what? it's better to do that instead of looking at the screen all the time. i know you can do push alerts and so on with metatrader, but again you have to have the pc on. my phone is with optus and from...
  3. Joe Blow

    Mobile phone reviews and recommendations

    It looks like my iPhone 4S is finally giving up the ghost after many years of faithful service and I am now in the market for something new. I am considering giving an Android phone a try as I'm not loyal to Apple and the number and variety of Android phones seems to have proliferated in recent...
  4. J

    Kogan Mobile

    Hi guys, Anybody have/considering/do not like Kogan Mobile? The deals seem pretty good - runs off Telstra's NextG network (that's 3G/2G - not 4G) and you get 98.5% coverage (Telstra customers get 99.5%). You also get unlimited calls and SMS and 6GB of data a month for $30 dollars (30 days...
  5. tech/a

    Brain Cancer and Mobile Phones

    I have 2 good friends and 2 aquaintences diagnosed with Brain Tumors and Brain Cancer. 2 under 40 infact one 31 and 2 over 55. Prognosis for all Im afraid is not good. Now all were pretty heavy users of mobile phones. Frankly I know that long use over the years has given me some ripper...
  6. agro

    Cell Phones for viewing Stocks via WiFi?

    Hi all, I was told you can view stocks via your cell phone using wifi? I was recommended to purchase a smartphone like a blackberry but they do look awfully brick like to carry in your pocket. suggestions for models and personal opinions would be appreciated. thanks
  7. B

    Mobile phone and the internet

    I was wondering if anyone could help with this problem.... Son has a Motorola v360v, on Saturday he put in $20 prepaid. On Monday night he checked his account and it said he had 39 cents left.To cut along story short we rang vodafone and they said that at 9.30pm the phone had gone on to the...
  8. S

    Mobile trading on PDA phone

    I was thinking of getting an i-mate jasjam and connecting to the latest hsdpa networks for broadband access and trade with comsec while i'm on the move.I would like to know... 1.Which network is best for coverage and reliability. 2.How secure would it be for this kind of activity.I'm not...
  9. R

    Real time data sent to mobile phone?

    was wondering if anyone could help in in finding a way of having real time data sent to you while you are out? Like the pagers that I have seen some people carry but maybe on a mobile phone? :confused:
  10. RichKid

    Mobile phone tricks, tips & tidbits

    Have you guys tried this out (got it via email)? Is it just a dodgy trick? I cannot vouch for this so be careful if it stuffs up your phone or your health- at your own risk!! Feedback welcome from mobile and telecom any other interesting bits here too please. I tried it with...