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  1. pythagoras

    Have I already made rookie mistakes?

    Hi folks, I have started the investment journey on Friday. Late night Sunday I placed two buy orders in two separate businesses which would of placed me in first position Monday (today) when market opened. These two companies I have been researching and believe were, and are under valued...
  2. S

    Newbie, just sold CBA shares - have I made a mistake?!

    Hi all, I am an ex CBA employee and was allocated a total of 96 shares in the 3 yrs that I worked with them, which I held onto for the past 10 yrs, totally oblivious to what they were, how much they were worth, etc... Every 6 months, I was receiving an extra amount into my account (dividends)...
  3. Axiory

    Biggest trading mistake?

    Morning traders. To any profitable traders out there - What was the number one mistake you all corrected to become a profitable trader? :eek: Kind regards, Axiory
  4. B

    Did a huge mistake - bring me your lights please

    Hi everybody, first of all, I apologize for my typo, I’m French, so my English is still perfectible. I leave a message here because I probably did a huge mistake in doing a trade. Today, I bought 175000 share of BCSCA - BritConnections - at 0.003$, so not even a cent (my trading floor is at...