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  1. Dona Ferentes

    Chile likely to nationalise mining?

    Chile has taken a tiny, but symbolic step towards nationalising some of the biggest copper and lithium mines in the world – a move, that if it ever happened, would damage the likes of BHP and Rio Tinto, directly, while boosting them and other Australian companies mining both metals, and...
  2. Dona Ferentes

    RON - Ronin Resources

    Ronin Resources Ltd (RON) lists on ASX today. The Company is the 100% owner of two prospective exploration projects in Colombia. The Vetas Project is the Company’s primary focus and is a large, high-grade, thermal coal project containing...
  3. frugal.rock

    Tengraph WA Mining Data request

    G'day, Just wondering if any of the learned colleagues uses Tengraph? Am trying to get a mock up desk analysis done of CAD (Caeneus Minerals) in relation to DEG (Dr Grey tenement. So, my question is, can anyone give me the co-ordinates from Tengraph for EL47/3846 known as Roberts Hill project...
  4. K

    DRE - Dreadnought Resources

    Floating shortly. Looking at jumping on. Opinions? Prospectus looks good to me. Anyone else on board?
  5. Userman

    GYA - Guyana Goldstrike Inc (TSX-V)

    New Gold Producer Launches Corporate Website, Guyana Goldstrike Inc.
  6. Userman

    CUG - Cyprium Mining Corporation (TSX-V)

    Production Starts at High Grade Potosi Silver / Zinc Mine - Reports Oxide Zinc Assays Results Averaging 30% Located next to Mag Silver (MAG.T) in the historic Santa Eulalia mining district, largest carbonate...
  7. Userman

    RGC - Redstar Gold Corp. (TSX.V)

    Redstar Gold (RGC.V) News – Completes Sampling Mapping at Unga Gold Project Reports 738 gm / t gold. (26 ounces gold / t)
  8. V

    Follow thy leader... Mining < Agriculture

    Hello all, First off I just want to say I know nothing about what I'm talking about. I joined here to learn, and apart from super have not delved into shares. I think I'm picking up (very slowly) a few hints and bits of advice. One thing that sticks in my mind is (i think Tech/a said...
  9. F

    Overseas owned companies mining in Australia

    Can someone help me get my head around this: When a company sells a product overseas they receive payment - simple. What happens when an overseas company exports a product, say coal, overseas to its parent company who uses this product to produce energy or whatever? Is there a payment at market...
  10. M

    Mining Services Stocks

    (Joe could you please redirect this to another thread if that is best?) I am looking for, if it exists, a list of Mining Services stocks. Here I am thinking of companies such as ASL, MND, BKN etc. I ask because I'd like to do a little research into the area. Views on companies in the...
  11. noirua

    The GREATEST mining boom in stocks is yet to come!

    Gold is heading towards $1,700 an ounce and the mining sector of stocks is 22% down in the Junior sector since May in Canada. Australia has been walloped by the QLD disasters, very strong $ as in Canada, and additionally they've been handbagged by PM Julia Gillard and Co and yes, she packs a...
  12. investorpaul

    Mining Exploration, Development & Creation of Wealth

    Hi Everyone, I have recently started researching mining exploration and development with a view to increasing my exposure to this sector of the stock market. One thing that has become apparent to me is how many Directors can with minimal financial risk and exposure generate the potential...
  13. M

    Media Playing Up The Bear Case - Be Careful

    I noticed yesterday that the mainstream media headlines really played up the bearish story on the fall in company gross operating profits. The March 2011 quarter profits fell by 2% from the previous quarter. According to the ABS, March profits came in at $63.5 Billion, down from December's $64.8...
  14. Mofra

    Mining Tax Grab - How will it pan out?

    Given the 40% mining tax grab under the guise of supernnuation changes, Rudd seems to have been caught on the back foot somewhat judging by the response of the mining industry & the market in general...
  15. T

    Basic Mining Sector Questions

    Hi all...;) I'm a new bloke in this forum, 28yrs old and I came from overseas but now I live and work in Sydney. I have been in the stock market for almost a year now. I have failed many times previously. However since I found this great forum, now I'm really willing to learn many things...