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  1. O

    Mainly Miners

    WGX daily chart showing lower lows and lower highs, could indicate a trend change which may send it lower, but it also looks very much like a bull-flag which could see it go back to 2.50 and potentially break through the resistance there. The positive seasonality of gold for Jan/Feb would favour...
  2. aus_trader

    Speculative Stock Portfolio

    I buy a few speculative stocks every now and then with money I can afford to lose, so smallest parcels of around $500 each per stock. '...with money I can afford to lose' is very misleading as it sound like I have excess that I don't know what to do with ! Quite the opposite is true, I am an...
  3. S

    Struggling Aussie miners turn to medical marijuana

    More: Is the medical marijuana industry in 2015 what internet startups were in the late 1990s? Does anyone know anything about the long term viability of these medical marijuana businesses or is it just a...
  4. I

    Mining Stocks Are Still Lagging The Precious Metals

    The leading gold and silver mining stocks have recently lagged the precious metals themselves. Sometimes the leading mining stocks will lead the metal, however, they have been lagging the precious metals since mid-March 2011. Gold and silver are making new highs this morning while the Market...
  5. O

    Mining stocks: Is this a bubble?

    I'm only a novice, but I have noticed some huge gains in some of the mining stocks over the past 2 or 3 months on no earnings really, just expectations of future results. Take FLX or QGC. Are these exponentially increasing share prices justified or is this a bubble similar to the late 90's tech...
  6. greedyandpoor

    Mining Stocks vs. other markets

    Hi I would like to get an idea of how successful people have been investing in mining stocks, in particular: 1) how much people have generally profit/loss from investing in them say over a 3 year period? Has anyone over the last 3 years made a loss? 2) how many junior exploration mining...
  7. A

    Picking the right mining stock

    What does everyone think of Sundance Resources (ASX code: SDL)? Its primary focus being a substantial copper project in Bolivia, South America. I always find it hard picking the next successful mineral stock? Any tips?