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mining boom

  1. K

    DRE - Dreadnought Resources

    Floating shortly. Looking at jumping on. Opinions? Prospectus looks good to me. Anyone else on board?
  2. MrBurns

    The Mining Boom is Over

    Compelling story on The Business last night - flick forward to 4.20 to see the certainty with which one commentator says "it's over" add Europe to this and it really looks like it's about to get rough. Ther market will wake up to this soon and watch it dive then.:eek...
  3. noirua

    The GREATEST mining boom in stocks is yet to come!

    Gold is heading towards $1,700 an ounce and the mining sector of stocks is 22% down in the Junior sector since May in Canada. Australia has been walloped by the QLD disasters, very strong $ as in Canada, and additionally they've been handbagged by PM Julia Gillard and Co and yes, she packs a...