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metastock data

  1. bngood

    Metastock data reading problem

    Hi, I have metastock on windows 10 with data from an external provider and it works fine. I now have a new computer - still windows 10 - and the data comes down on the new computer via the data program but Metastock won't read it. The data only shows up in Metastock as "dat" files not as the...
  2. D

    Urgent help needed in ploting Date in Metastock Exploration

    Hello everybody I am Deepak and would seek your help in creating an exploration indicator which tells the Low or High date in mm-dd-yyy format. For eg if I run an exploration of 20 stocks I would want to know in the given year say 2015 which day-month-year did it make its 52 wk low. I want...
  3. A

    Converting Metastock Data to Excel 2003

    Hi, I've been working on a DLL (using the free GNU C++ (gcc) compiler and Codeblocks IDE) to read Metastock Data downloaded from a trial version of Stock Quote Data from DataHQ and are happy to upload on here for people to have a play with. Firstly, is this a forum where you can upload zip...
  4. V

    Converting Metastock Data to Excel

    Hi, I was wondering wether any one can help me with converting metastock data to excel. My situation is as follows. 1. I use Norgate data for Amibroker. 2. I am not a computer wiz I just know the basics. 3. I can;t work out where the data is. I can find data folders in Amibroker but when...