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  1. Klogg

    BLM spread caused Melbourne COVID-19 clusters

    The stupidity was obvious at the time. Now we have evidence: Before arguing it, the source of this is VIC health authorities, not some right-wing...
  2. U

    Looking for Melbourne people in day trading and penny stocks in US

    looking for Melbourne people in day trading and penny stocks in US markets
  3. S

    Melbourne tax accountant for active traders - seeking recommendations

    Hi; Seeking personal recommendations for a tax accountant specialising doing ATO tax returns for Australian & Overseas Trading of Equities, Futures, FX, CFD's Etc. in Melbourne. Cheers and thanks in advance!
  4. J

    Amibroker users Geelong or Melbourne

    Hi all, Im interested in amibroker but I would be grateful to view it with someone who uses it daily, downloads their data daily, can back test ect ect, if someone is generous enough to share some time I would be very grateful.
  5. C

    Melbourne accountant for traders

    I started trading last year through my pty ltd and had a small loss over the last year. I'm looking for an accountant around Melbourne who is well versed in day trading tax issues and who doesn't charge an arm and a leg. Any recommendations?
  6. J

    Jackson Capital?

    Thinking about opening an account with jackson capital. Anyone heard of these guys?:confused:
  7. Tink

    Melbourne Cup 2015

    The 2015 Melbourne Cup Horses have been finalised. Any tips?
  8. J

    Any day traders in Eastern suburbs of Melbourne?

    Afternoon all I live in Clarinda and day trade Forex. As You all know, it can get a bit boring by yourself. Anybody interested in catching up? I am hoping we would be able to help and support each other and have a bit of fun, while we do what we do.
  9. G

    Investor clubs in Melbourne

    hi Just wanted to know if people in this forum have experiences with investor clubs in Melbourne ? Wonder if there are any takers who would like to tee up for a cup of coffee to just chat about trading equites and derivatives (if there is none) occasionally ? Moderator, please step in...
  10. G

    Any forex traders in Melbourne?

    any forex traders in Melbourne want to meet up in cbd to discuss markets? I'm tired of being in front of the screens all day and night isolated so it would be great to have actual human contact with other traders in Melbourne and talk shop and discuss trading ideas / methods etc Most...
  11. bigdog

    Free Heritage Day Tickets to Formula F1 on Thursday March 14 Melbourne

    On Thursday 14 March all General Admission patrons with a valid ticket (see below) will receive FREE entry to the circuit. Entry is subject to the Conditions of Entry to the event. How To Get Your Free Ticket There are two options: PRINT-AT-HOME TICKET: Click link below to access your...
  12. L

    Victoria/Melbourne - anything good economically?

    With industries like manufacturing disappearing, and retail under pressure, is there anything left in Victoria that has a bright economic future? I can't see any standout industries or sectors. I see Sydney being the financial hub of the country, Perth has mining etc. But what does Melbourne...
  13. pan

    Melbourne's Best Coffee

    I like a good coffee where is the best in melbourne? My favourites are in Block Pl. in the city anyone else?
  14. Uncle Festivus

    AGM in Melbourne - where to stay & tax deductions?

    Howdy, I'm looking to attend the AGM of one of my companies next week and was wondering - accomodation - cheap & clean 3-4 star type, close to State Library of Victoria Conference Centre, in La Trobe Street - looking at Mayflower On Lonsdale - any good? what expenses can I claim as a tax...
  15. agro

    Melbourne Cup 2008 - Who are you backing?

    i like mad rush - oliver, came home hard in the caufield.. efficient also for a 2nd cup maybe?
  16. P

    Surely it will snow in Melbourne tomorrow....

    and definately in Tasmania. It is so cold and WET :D in Adelaide today. If it rains heavily in one area of Victoria, the water will go directly into the River Murray and it is too far down the River for those naughty Eastern states irrigators to siphon it off. So we get it all. If only I...
  17. Gar

    What? No Melbourne Cup thread?

    cant have that :) so whats everybody betting on? I'm thinking I might go Sirmone each way and a couple of long shots, sarrera & blue moon
  18. chops_a_must

    Restaurants In Melbourne

    Chops is heading to Melbourne later this week to be one of those "brave souls" supporting his beloved Freo at the G on Friday against the Pies. He is going to be staying with the lovely young lady in his life on the Southbank for the better part of a week. So, he is wondering if you guys...
  19. krisbarry

    Melbourne Cup 2006

    Its that time of year again, when we all take a flutter...tuesday 7th november, 2006 I am looking into placing a trifecta bet this year, "Railings" is one of my picks, not sure of the other two yet. Any other hot tips would be great...
  20. brerwallabi

    Melbourne Cup 2005

    I am backing the Diva whats everyone else taking?