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  1. MovingAverage

    I think the media should be held to account... what do you think?

    I think we all know that we live in very troubling times, but personally I am completely over the outrageous and sensationalist headlines being trotted by our poor excuses for what is passed off as media. I mean even the ABC are running trashy sensationalist headlines. I for one would love to...
  2. MrBurns

    The Media

    I wish the Australian media would leave people like Matthew Newton and Ben Cousins alone. They both have problems and whenever anything happens they are front page news, Newton was splashed on the front pages for a week recently , the Newtons have it hard enough without this overzealous...
  3. dutchie

    Media Censorship

    Why does a newspaper have to be unbiased? Why does it have to report events in a balanced way? Why can't a newspaper be completely biased? Does not its success in being biased one way or the other still rely on readers actually buying the paper? If there is a biased newspaper in town is it...
  4. S

    The media doesn't like uncertainty

    Just a pet peeve. Whenever a study from somewhere comes out the media outlets all say "this causes this........", "this is up by this.....", with absolutely no regard for the uncertainty in the data they are talking about - it drives me crazy. The latest one is the US unemployment data...
  5. 2020hindsight

    Propaganda in movies and media

    I found this definition of propaganda .... And I just wonder if people can recall (even read current examples of ) classic propaganda events / news relases etc. I guess the Nazis would have been amongst the first to perfect this stuff. Since then it has been copied by the Communists - and...
  6. RichKid

    ASF in the Media

    I thought I'd start collecting articles referring to ASF (preferably positive! but constructive observations are great) in the media (not other forums). Here's one I saw in another thread on ASF: