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mechanical trading

  1. Trendnomics

    Two Portfolios - One Mechanical System - A Trend-following Diary

    Hey guys/girls, I've been a long time non-contributing reader of ASF - hopefully this thread will be a good start to correcting my imbalance. The purpose of this thread is to provide a diary/update-log for two systematic equity trend-following portfolio's I run (a SMSF Portfolio and...
  2. CanOz

    Developing a mechanical system from scratch

    I thought it would be interesting to develop a mechanical trading system from scratch with some of the members on ASF. Maybe this has been tried before here, not sure. I know that it has been done a few times on ReefCap, with some obvious results, mostly positive from what i can gather. I...
  3. tech/a

    Discretionary vs. Mechanical Trading

    Well thats incredible. I cannot find 1 credible/verifyable piece of evidence in the closed thread on this topic that advances the initial argument that discretionary trading is consistantly profitable. Wayne I dont want or expect you or ANYONE ELSE who would like to give a decent...