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  1. A

    How can I find out if a broker is a Market Maker or a Bucket Shop?

    Hi fellow traders & investors, Wondering if there is an easy way to determine whether a brokerage firm is a market marker or bucket shop? As I understand it, a broker that is also a "Market Maker" may, instead of placing your order on the open market, place it within an in-house market...
  2. C

    DMA CFDs vs. Market Maker CFDs

    Hi Everyone, I am looking at opening a CFD account. I am currently trying to figure out which is better out of the Direct Market Access CFD's vs the normal CFD model that all the big companies seem to use. Does anyone have any thoughts for me on this and what I should look for in a broker etc?
  3. S

    Need help: Buying stocks from a market maker?

    Was just wondering, is it better to buy stocks off a market maker or another independent broker? Thanks and happy new year.
  4. R

    Options Market Maker Caught With Pants Down?

    During the sharp rise in CPU on monday I had a look at the call options trading being conducted on it. To me it appeared a market maker had been caught out by not updating his prices to represent the sharp rise in the SP of CPU. The MM was Selling $8 december expiry for calls for 11.5 cents...
  5. A

    DMA or MM?

    Hi, I am currently with a MM broker and so to reach my take profit limit I will either have to add in the spread (which makes it harder to reach) or reduce my take profit limit. I am considering going to a DMA broker which I think just charge you a fee for entry and exit, is this correct...
  6. G

    DMA vs. Market Made vs. ASX listed CFDs

    Hello, Just doing a bit of research and I would like some feedback please on the following questions. What type of CFD's are Traders trading, DMA, Market Made or the ASX listed CFDs? Why are you trading one type over another? Have you moved from market made to DMA, and why? Thanks.
  7. havaiana

    Dodgy Market Maker??

    I'm trading currencies with a CFD marketmaker. I had a stop loss order that was executed even though the price was not within 7 pips of the order price at or around the time (i was at the screen when it happened). Obviously it was a winning trade, and would have won more if the stop was not...