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market depth

  1. Country Lad

    Market Depth

    In the MX1 thread @Telamelo noted that the market depth stack consisted of 89 buyers for 3,578,620 units vs 61 sellers for 2,085,207 units and assumed the price will increase which it has. To many traders the raw buy/sell figures can look quite enticing but they need to be put in context...
  2. C

    Any Good Resources for Learning Market Depth/Reading The Tape?

    Hey everyone, Has anyone got any recommended videos, blogs, book anything for reading market depth, can't find to many resources on it. Plenty on risk management, indicators and setups but can't find anything valuable on the subject. Thanks everyone
  3. M

    Where can I find live market depth data for the ASX200?

    I want to start day trading the ASX200 but I can't find live Market depth data. I am looking for the market profile and the footprint.
  4. J

    US Equities - cumulative market depth

    Hi folks, I've started trading the US equity markets and I miss having "free" market depth data I get through the likes of Westpac Broking/ CommSec. I am not really looking for a complete price ladder but the cumulative open orders for a particular security. For example, just using Westpac's...
  5. K

    Market Depth Question

    Hello, I have a question based on market depth. It might be easier to show it on a screen shot. I am not looking for specific investment guidance that is why I did not specify the share code. I am confused as to what to make of this. So I will put my thoughts in point form. There are...
  6. C

    Interactive Brokers market depth module in WebTrader

    Hello, I am using IB's webtrader. I've just had my account reactivated. I have subscribed to ASX deep book data. My problems are; 1) I don't have the 'Market Depth' module available to add. This allows viewing of full market depth. The help desk keeps referring to booktrader but this...
  7. TPI

    How to analyse market depth?

    Hi, Just referring to the screenshot below of the market depth at a particular point in time for stock VET (just picked this stock as it is topical), how do you go about analysing the market depth? Can you gain anything meaningful by doing this? This is what I can interpret from it...
  8. skc

    What does ^ mean in the market depth?

    I've only started to notice this in the last few days. Anyone knows what it means? Thanks
  9. MattyJ

    Market Depth - Importance when buying/selling

    First off, I apologise if this has been covered elsewhere; I had a brief look but couldn't see this specific question answered. How much emphasis do you/should you be placing on the market depth of a stock when buying and selling? For example, is it usually best practice to buy a stock when...
  10. Gringotts Bank

    Request for market depth NASDAQ stock

    If you have access to NASDAQ market depth, I wonder if you'd mind posting the market depth for SSH? Wanting to know if the arbitrage opportunity is real. ASX code is SHC. Thanks.
  11. E

    How to read the market depth?

    Hi all, how do you read the depth charts in trading software? My attached picture shows the current price as the mid price and then there is the buy and sell sides. The column on the left is the sellers and the right being the buyers. So in the example, does it mean there are more buys...
  12. Naked shorts

    Why not to use market depth "When most newbies open an online trading account they find this thing called the market depth and start trading by it. The depth is a trap that the smart money uses to separate the dumb money from their hard earned. An insider speaks." I came across...
  13. RobinHood

    Hang Seng depth

    To anyone trading or familiar with the Hang Seng futures contract - I'll see an order for 100 or so contract take the offer instantly, when there was only 1 offered on that price level. I'm assuming this is an iceberg? Also lots of transactions take place above the ask or below the bid and I'm...
  14. M

    Traders with both bids and offers in depth

    Has anone seen this - someone having orders on both sides of the depth? (you need something like pro-trader which shows live market depth and flashes when the depth changes). I often see bids and offers appearing simultaneously. I suspect it is from the same trader, as sometimes one bid or...