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  1. T

    IB market data

    Hi All Would anyone know why Interactive Brokers doesn’t show market data outside of hours? I have checked their “chart time options” setting and the box to tick is shadowed and won’t allow it to be ticked. I do have an active market data level 2 subscription. Thanks in advance.
  2. T

    Cheapest Way to Get CME Data?

    I'm signing up to interactive Brokers with corporate trustee so I can open a margin account. The biggest drawback so far are the market data fees because this kind of account is considered "professional". As it stands, this would be just over a $1000 drag on profits p.a. Does anyone know any...
  3. W

    Australian Options Market Data

    My trading platform (Interactive Brokers) has just raised my fees for data to the Australian Options market from $25 to $75 a month. This now becomes a significant cost for my portfolio size. Any recommendations on how to get live data for the Australian options market? It is only a small...
  4. Sdajii

    Trades showing up in market data/accuracy of information

    Today I sold some shares (a few hundred thousand PYM shares). I am viewing the market data with Westpac broking. My order went through fairly quickly, if I check my order status it shows that they sold, and I put the sell order through at the bid price (0.005c) but it does not show up on the...
  5. Gladman

    Australian and US market data/charts

    Anyone know a good place to get XAO vs DJIA basic chart (10yr - up to date)? I've been looking for one but struggling to find one. Also looking for good charts with 3-5 yr unemployment rates, money supply, interest rates and real GDP comparing AUS and US. If anyone can supply these, I...