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market collapse

  1. finicky

    David Hunter Market Collapse Prophecy

    I strongly suspect David Hunter's 'prophesy' will be shown correct. I don't really know why; put it down to intuition, for what that will be worth to you. If you find any plausibility in what he is saying you might at least contemplate some precautionary action, as I will be in the new fy. I...
  2. IFocus

    How Far Will The Market Fall?

    I know there are many members that have seen this type of market before so worth a thread on thoughts on where to from here and why. This is of course accepting no one knows what will happen next just like any other day in the markets and probability becomes a problem in such volatile...
  3. Tomboy77

    Awaiting a global downturn...??

    Hi all, There has been plenty of news lately of a looming global downturn, with Trump and China's trade war, Australia's reliance on China as our major trading partner, and Australia's long overdue 'pendulum swing' into a what could be another 'recession we had to have'. So, as a new investor...
  4. T

    Market Collapse!! Help!!

    Hello to all. How has everyone handled the recent market collapse? I have been suffering immensely and would like to get back on top again. Any suggestions? As I'm fairly new to this, I would also like to learn more about trading. I've read a few a Daryl Guppy's books; Trend Trading in...