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  1. InsvestoBoy

    Market Capitalisation / GDP thread

    I posted a few times the market cap/gdp ratio charts in another thread but I figured might as well start a new one. Data sources: ASX total market cap - (unfortunately the new ASX website only has data going back to...
  2. R

    Historical market cap data

    Hi All I'm a noob looking for historical EOD data with the market cap or equivalently SOI. I tried norgates premium data free trial, but as far as I can tell they don't provide market cap/SOI data with their historical EOD data. Any suggestions of things to try? I'm happy to pay a small fee...
  3. P

    Historical list of ASX companies by market cap

    Hi All, I am looking for a list of ASX companies by market cap (top 1000 at least) for past years mainly one from January 2016 but January 2015 would be great too. Was wondering if maybe someone had an old list saved on their computer that they could pass on or if anyone knows of a resource...
  4. H

    List of all ASX companies by market cap?

    Hi everyone. Just wondering if there is a source where I can get a list of all of the companies on the ASX sorted by market cap? Cheers!
  5. A

    Market Cap Question?

    Hey guys, Just need some advise. So the company CVT (Cyber Security company) has a market cap of 62 mil. However, their total net worth is only 2.2mil as of 2014 reports. Is this correct or Am i doing something wrong? Is the company trading way over its net worth because of its projected...
  6. sam76

    Companies with cash backing above MC

    let em rip. RED: MC - $21,000,000 CB - $30,000,000