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  1. Userman

    BBT - Benchmark Botanics Inc (CNSX)

    $BBT.C Benchmark Botanics is a diversified multi-licensed cannabis producer focused on its three-way vertical business model, with sales and distribution into the medical, pharmaceutical, and recreational markets in Canada, and the EU. The Company’s business plan includes a strategy to become...
  2. JuniorR

    Your opinion on Marijuana stocks & ETFs

    Hello ASF, I decided to sign up after researching about australian stocks the last few days. I have a lot to learn before I begin to invest and I am rather interested in this field after googling the last few days. I was wondering what your thoughts and opinions are on investing in Marijuana...
  3. Rockon2

    Pot Stocks

    Hello all. Pot Stocks had a day in the sun today, most showed a buy signal on my systems. Maybe our XSO will show a break north, with the weed, rather than Lithium or Gold driving it..
  4. D

    Investing in marijuana

    Hi all, Lately ive been researching investing lately, then the idea of investing in marijuana hit me. Im sure you cant invest in it yet however with some states in the US legalising it and im sure others will follow, would it be possible to become a commodity to trade? or even to invest in...
  5. DB008

    Medical Marijuana

    In the last 10 years or so, Medical Marijuana has taken off in California. It's a billion dollar a year plus industry (~$1.3 Billion with $100 million in taxes collected). Local communities, councils, state and federal levels collect tax on this product or get follow on benefits from sales...
  6. Garpal Gumnut

    Legalising Marijuana

    Do any asf posters have an opinion on whether marijuana should be legalised. A mate who suffers severe arthritis finds it helps him get up and about. This is from CNN a TV station in the United States given to hyperbole and inaccuracy...