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marijuana stocks

  1. Ann


    Here is a list of Cannabis stocks listed on the ASX as at January 2018. Some may have gone, there may be some new ones but it is a start for anyone interested in this product. Cannabis stocks on the ASX: The Ultimate Guide
  2. P

    What's your thoughts on marijuana shares?

    Ok so obviously I am very new to the share market so this could be a stupid question sorry if it is. But I just wanted to get some people's opinions on marijuana share's specifically Cann group shares from some of the stuff I am reading there are a lot of differing opinions out there on this...
  3. JuniorR

    Your opinion on Marijuana stocks & ETFs

    Hello ASF, I decided to sign up after researching about australian stocks the last few days. I have a lot to learn before I begin to invest and I am rather interested in this field after googling the last few days. I was wondering what your thoughts and opinions are on investing in Marijuana...
  4. Rockon2

    Pot Stocks

    Hello all. Pot Stocks had a day in the sun today, most showed a buy signal on my systems. Maybe our XSO will show a break north, with the weed, rather than Lithium or Gold driving it..