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  1. W

    Brokers I can use together with Ninjatrader for Futures with good Margin

    Hello Ozzie Traders, Which brokers can I use that would offer me connectivity and chart trading using Ninjatrader that would allow me good intraday margin if I live in Australia? IB (interactive brokers) does not offer any margin accounts for individual traders, and also their intraday margins...
  2. K

    IB margin borrowing SMA account with example

    Hi, I'm trying to figure out how Interactive Brokers' margin borrowing works, especially their SMA (special memorandum account). It's quite confusing and the example on their website doesn't show a forced liquidation (margin call):
  3. S

    Can I trade forex without leverage/margin?

    I'm very sceptical about trading especially when 'costs may exceed the deposit in your account' and wanted to know if I can use my own money to trade positions in fx Markets without having gearing applied onto my account. Cheers in advance if anyone can clarify this for me, Matt
  4. S

    How to compute the margin?

    Example, Greece 20, the rate is 252 2000 contract. after leverage- the value is =A$75410 The margin is A$1508 ------------------------------- The margin is A$1508, so the open is A$1508 X100 = A$150,800? and the leverage must be 2? the rate is 252, so one point = AUD$0.3?
  5. OoieGooie

    Interactive Brokers - No Margin for Aussies

    Hi Everyone, After much searching and bugging IB Support it seems I won't be able to trade USD from Australia. It seems Aussies are not allowed a Margin account. My goal was to do basic trading on low price stocks with the 30k cash I saved. I read their requirements but didn't find the...
  6. A

    How do I work out buy/sell amounts and margin on XJO options?

    I am used to the CBOE pricing for indexes, so am a little confused by the XJO. Can someone please confirm if this is correct: eg I sell one call contract. The bid is 81, therefore I get a credit of $810 because each point is worth $10. I buy one call contract. The offer is 71, therefore I pay...
  7. M

    Required margin question

    Say a stock has a required margin of 5% and you buy them using 20% of the price a deposit does that mean the price would have to fall 15% before you got a margin call ? So say it costs $1000, the required margin is $50, you put down $200 and the shares fall in value to $300, you still...
  8. E

    Margin loan for emergencies -- a noob question

    Hello; I've been investing for a few years but I've never explored margin loans. I'm wondering if it's possible/sensible to use a margin loan facility just for emergencies? eg say I need dental or surgery work done that exceeds my emergency funds and rather than sell my shares could I...
  9. M

    Short selling/margin Commsec terminology

    Hi I want to be able to short sell in these current market conditions. understand i need to do it through a margin account. it appears as though commsec doesnt allow this or is through a CFD account?? I want to be able to trade where i borrow the share, the market drops then i cover the...