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  1. J

    Share Investments: Offset vs. Margin Loan?

    I have a $475k home (where i live) with $230k mortgage (at 4.45%), $200k in offset. I'm on marginal tax rate of 37%(39% w/Medicare). Have been educating myself about investing in shares. I'm trying to find out what % return from share investing that I would need to have the equivalent net...
  2. M

    Seeking Investors with Margin Loans who suffered negligence from loan providers

    We are trying to determine the number of sharemarket and managed fund investors who were affected during the GFC in 2008 by negligent loan providers, for a potential Class Action against these financial institutions for professional negligence in the management of Margin Loans. This is...
  3. F

    Worked Margin Loan Example + Tax Implications

    Hi All I'm just in the process of setting up a Margin Loan and just wanted to clarify the maths on it a bit, especially in regards to the tax conductibility of the interest on the loan. I've based the below on the 37c for each $1 tax bracket.....Mostly looking at the ability to service a loan...
  4. R

    Investing in international ETFs with a margin loan or line of credit

    My understanding of the tax rules for deducting interest incurred to buy equities against income earned is the shares have to be ASX listed. Unfortunately I can not find where I read this on the ATO website. Does anyone know if there are any restrictions for example with Ishares international...
  5. D

    Margin loan broker and rates?

    Hi guys, Just wondering, for those of you who use a margin loan, who are you with? how much brokerage you pay on trades? and also what interest rate you are paying or that your broker offers (variable). Currently I'm with etrade, as its what i signed up with at 18 (copied my dad obv haha), 23...
  6. Sugar Dunkaton

    Fixed Rate Margin Lending

    Hi Guys & Girls, Seem like everyone is pretty down on Margin Lending at the moment, but i have been revolving my one over for the last couple of years (low LVR). Just wanted to find out if anyone is using fixed margin loans as opposed to the variable margin loans. My Commsec loan only...
  7. C

    A few questions about margin loans!

    I just spent a bit of time searching and reading old threads on margin loans, and couldn't find what I was looking for, so here goes. I am looking at increasing my leverage and thus my capital with a margin loan, there are a few things I am unsure of, and actually speaking with the lenders...
  8. M

    $10 Transaction fee on Commsec margin loan

    Hi, Can someone with a commsec margin loan please tell me if they are charged extra $10 'Transaction Fee' for margin loan buying/selling? Look at Margin_Lending -> Commsec Margin Lending->Variable rate loan (history). ie. For <$10k I get charged $19.95 brokerage + $10 transaction fee. (all...