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margin lending

  1. K

    IB margin borrowing SMA account with example

    Hi, I'm trying to figure out how Interactive Brokers' margin borrowing works, especially their SMA (special memorandum account). It's quite confusing and the example on their website doesn't show a forced liquidation (margin call):
  2. B

    Why use margin lending?

    apologies if this question seams stupid as i am very green but i am failing to see any benefits of margin lending over a cash account, i know its ment to give you access to more buying power but your losses still have to be accounted for regardless? how does it give you an edge? for example...
  3. P

    Margin Lending - Trading from Australia on the US Markets?

    So every US broker that I've contacted so far does not offer trading on margin for Australians if trading on the US Markets. I was wondering if any of you guys have found a broker that allows that? I'm specifically looking to long and shorting penny stocks intraday - the reason why I'm saying...
  4. D

    Margin loan broker and rates?

    Hi guys, Just wondering, for those of you who use a margin loan, who are you with? how much brokerage you pay on trades? and also what interest rate you are paying or that your broker offers (variable). Currently I'm with etrade, as its what i signed up with at 18 (copied my dad obv haha), 23...
  5. Sugar Dunkaton

    Fixed Rate Margin Lending

    Hi Guys & Girls, Seem like everyone is pretty down on Margin Lending at the moment, but i have been revolving my one over for the last couple of years (low LVR). Just wanted to find out if anyone is using fixed margin loans as opposed to the variable margin loans. My Commsec loan only...
  6. D

    Margin lending vs. traditional loan

    Why is margin lending popular? Is it because it is cheaper than a personal loan, for when you don't have any other asset to loan against it (e.g. house equity)? Just asking, as when I looked at it, I took a loan out against the equity in my home, as the margin lending interest rate was...
  7. J

    Share your margin lending experiences?

    For a while I have been tempted with an idea of increasing my exposure to the stockmarkets by using margin lending. I think by now I do understand it enough to try it in the real life and therefore look for the most appropriate margin lending institution/product out there. As I am sure I...