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  1. C

    Managed Funds

    Hi everyone, New to the forum but wanting everyone's opinion on what would be the best companies to look at for managed funds- I have borrowed around $70K to invest and was looking at a few different options through Colonial First State and 1 in particular the Colonial First State Wholesale...
  2. T

    A tool to spy on what managed funds are investing in?

    Hi guys... Not sure if this already exists, but is there a tool for figuring out what substantial holdings specific managed funds have? I know that it's possible to see this in the 'announcements' section on the asx on a company by company basis, but is there any way to type in, e.g...
  3. qprjames

    Managed funds - best option for someone clueless about the markets?!

    Hi there, I have very little knowledge of trading shares and am the kind of person to leave it to the professionals, in the hope that they have my best interests at heart! So I am thinking of investing my money into shares. I have around 500-700k. I was going to buy an apartment (part investment...
  4. B

    Advice for investing $70,000 AUD in Vanguard Managed Funds

    Hi everyone, as the title states, I'm looking for advice on how best to divvy my dollars between Vanguard managed funds. I've just sold my CBA shares for about 90,000. Haven't paid capital gains tax yet but whatever's left over I intend to invest in Vanguard. I currently have about 10 grand in...
  5. B

    Managed Funds - invest directly or through a broker?

    I'm thinking about going into a few managed funds & have come across which gives a breakdown of different funds. I'm not sure if I invest directly with the fund itself, will it save me on any trailing commissions that they would pay the broker, or would I end up with the same...
  6. darkhorse70

    On the verge of opening an underground fund

    Sup people, as the title suggests im in the process of possibly collecting small bits of funds from a group of friends/associates as well as my own in order to create a pool of money to hopefully generate some returns. I have no license etc and I realise that there are regulations etc to protect...
  7. M

    Managed Cash Fund

    Hi Everyone, Just this evening whilst researching various investment option for my SMSF I came across various managed funds for Australian Cash, term deposits etc. Question is based on the fact that all of these have obviously returned under 5% the last few years, and most of them charge a...
  8. R

    How to find the Best Managed Funds

    Finding the best managed funds is not difficult. It is a 2 step process. All you need to do is find the best performing funds within the best quality of fund managers. In more technical terms this is using both a qualitative and quantitative approach to selecting the best managed funds. Part 1...
  9. D

    Trading vs. Managed Funds

    G'day all, Just wanted to ask those of you out there who have a bit more experience in trading than me (ie. all of you!) what sort of returns you acheive on a consistent basis. How much better off am I trading shares, as opposed to putting the money in managed funds and sitting on the beach...