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malcolm turnbull

  1. H

    How do you feel about President Trump's total disrespect to Australian PM?

    Most bosses will treat their subordinates with more respect. I would certainly expect a world leader like PM Turnbull deserves more respect. Kudos to PM Turnbull for not turning into an angry bull.
  2. SirRumpole

    Is Turnbull PM material?

    Gives a tax cut to big business costing $50 billion over 10 years, with most of the profits going to foreign shareholders or the US government and no word on how he is going to fund this. All this when he has produced record debt and deficit. Why should we think this is anything else but...
  3. drsmith

    The Turnbull Government

    54 to 44. Julie Bishop survives as deputy leader with around 70-odd votes.
  4. N

    Turnbull for PM

    It looks like Turnbull now has the numbers to regain the leadership of the Liberals. I would be surprised if there would not be some Abbot supporters that are losing faith in his ability to win government and they are switching back to favouring Malcolm. I may even change my vote and vote...
  5. N

    Can Malcolm Turnbull rise from the ashes?

    Malcom Turnbull has hit his lowest at 16% approval rating. It is the same level that saw the demise of Brendan Nelson. Is there really anybody else in the Liberal Party that can fill his shoes. How about Wilson Tuckey?????????