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  1. darkhorse70

    Anyone making money off eBay?

    Any one here who makes money selling merchandise off ebay. My cousin thinks its very possible and he wants to get some income from selling stuff off ebay. Is it possible to make a couple hundred dollars a week with a small initial capital without putting a great deal of effort in (maybe 1-2...
  2. darkhorse70

    Can money be made in bear markets if you aren't shorting?

    Long story short, my brokerage account does not allow to me to short. I don't fancy going against the trend and if a bear market was to come into action, is there any companies who still continue to go up. I don't really want to go into very short term trades, like hours. Just to much stress...
  3. S

    Has anyone here made $$$ on forex trading?

    Well it has been about 2 months now of trading Forex and i have yet to make any $$$... In fact have only seem to be depositing more and more each week!... I have tried MT4 with and without auto trading robots... which is full of SH*T... What the $%$# am i doing wrong? .. Every time I...
  4. T

    Books on making money/share investing

    Hi all, I'm new to the forums and delighted to be a member here, you all seem to be very knowledgeable about investing and making money; its great to meet likeminded people as it's hard to meet people like that in the real world (at least for me). Basically, I have a little question in...