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  1. TheBigKangaroo

    MACD and MT4

    Hi Fellow Traders. Can anyone tell me why the MACD indicator on MT4 only displays the signal line and histogram. I use the 12,26,9 criteria but seem to be missing either the MACD line or the signal. Thanks in Advance
  2. C

    AFL stoch, macd, overbought

    StochK<30=>checking stoch crossup and macd crossup=>buy if line of stoch and line of macd cross up from 30 to 50 in range=>buy if next bar or next few bar can't crossup over 50 and drop down below 30=>sell if stoch crossdown and macd crossdown StochK>70=>sell I coded as below and ran it in...
  3. F

    MACD Crossover Sell Signal

    Hey ASF'ers, I am considering implementing a sell signal in my trading plan, to sell when the MACD crosses below the signal line. I believe I may be thrown out too often with this rule however? Is there a good volume indicator I can implement with this rule, that will help me disregard the...
  4. B

    MACD Signal Line calculation

    Hi, The signal line (9 days) is the 9 day EMA of MACD How do work out the EMA of a MACD when EMA involves closing price, and MACD does not? (Formula is from I found Signal Line = MACD * Multiplier + SMA[of 9 days] * (1-Multiplier), is this correct? I m just starting...
  5. S

    MACD and DMI/ADX: Do you use them in your trading?

    For those unfamiliar with the acronyms: For those who use these indicators in their trading, what do you use them for? Do you find them useful, and if so, how? Do you use them in combination with other indicators? If so, which ones? Any examples using charts would be very much appreciated. :)
  6. D

    MACD alerts via email or SMS

    I would like to get alerts to my phone of MACD crossovers. I know several services offer price, volume or news alerts, but can't seem to find anyone offering this type of alert. I only trade CFD's on the Aussie 200, and so that's all I want to be alerted to. Does anyone know of a service...
  7. Sicilian Trader


    Hello all, great forum I wanted to gauge people's thoughts on the conventional indicators. I have been backtesting for the last 2 months on the some currency pairs and have found that a combination of the various indicators seem to work well. I have been using MACD (12,26,9) RSI (13)...
  8. R

    MACD + Histograms/Twiggs/ROC

    I am a relative newcomer and I have been using a system which uses MACD crossovers + price/volume changes to search for stock. I then use a chart that includes MACD + histogram and Twiggs Money Flow + ROC to choose when to buy and sell. [Twiggs is a modified Chaikin Money Flow]. The signals are...
  9. P

    Any ideas why MACD has gone crazy lately?

    Hey Still learning the ropes, Just wondering if anyone has any ideas why volume and macd has gone loco since july07... really started change around feb 07 This chart is xao but most stock seem to be doing the same please let me know if my image is ok .. is there a better way of adding images?
  10. B

    MACD - interpreting divergences

    Could someone help me to interpret the following. Is there a divergence or not? There looks to be a divergence on MACD-H but not on MACD? Thanks