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    Parallels or VMWare Fusion for my Mac?

    hi folks I'm thinking about giving my windows computer the flick and use my Mac all the time. But some programs run on windows only - and I need those programs. I've done some research online and I'm trying to compare Pararells vs VMware fusion: which one would you recommend? thanks...
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    Best Mac/Android stock app

    Does anyone know a good app that will sync across a mac computer and android phone? I am using stockspy but find it a little buggy. Thanks!
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    Amibroker on Mac with Wine

    Hi, Im trying to install amibroker on my mac with wine. Has anyone here done it? I recall coming across a thread previously but can't recall if it was on this forum. I have installed "wine" and "winetricks" and followed all the instructions at...
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    Charting software for Stan Weinstein's method

    Hey guys, just reading Stan Weinstein's book on technical analysis and just looking to find software for mac to make the 'Mansfield' charts. These charts have a price line, 30day MA, relative strength, volume and yearly high/lows. Im currently looking at Beesoft ProTA, amibroker and metastock...